Thank You, Supreme Court, For Passing a Helpful Law

Thank You, Supreme Court, For Passing a Helpful Law

Few years back, my parents were coming from Haridwar. They had hired a private cab. My father was half asleep and my mother was enjoying the outside view. Suddenly, a truck hit the cab from behind. The driver, to save the car, took a sharp turn left. He lost control and the car toppled over and fell off from the road. The car tilted on its left. My father got fainted. My mother and the cab driver did not receive any injuries but my father was severely injured. He had received a terrible head injury. With the help of the driver, my mother brought my father out of the car and came on the roadside. She tried to stop people for help. My father was bleeding profusely and my mother was scared for him. She cried and pleaded everybody but nobody stopped to help them.

After some time, a local passer-by and a gentleman stopped and asked her what kind of help she was seeking. Initially they were reluctant to help her to avoid police harassment. My mother understood that.  She requested those men to just take them to a nearest hospital and leave them at the door. They agreed on the condition that they will drop them at the doors of the hospital so that they can be saved from police harassment.  Then, they took them to nearest hospital and dropped them outside it. They left immediately. My mother started calling out for help at the doors of the hospital for somebody to take them inside for first aid.

On receiving the first aid my father was brought to a Delhi hospital for further treatment. My mother thanked God for sending those two gentlemen who helped them at that time. My father was saved and recovered in due course of time. I shudder to think had those two men not stopped to help my parents, anything could have happened.

We always read and hear about many road accidents where nobody stops to help the victim or his family for fear of being harassed by the police officials and the legal formalities. Everybody thinks that if they stop once to help the victim, they will be called at the police station again and again and will face harassment. Even if somebody wants to offer help, they don’t come forward.

Some time back Supreme Court gave guidelines stating that the “Good Samaritans who come to help the road accident victims and bring them to hospital will not face any harassment by the officials”. It will help all the road victims in timely getting the medical aid and the Good Samaritans will not fear harassment by the hospital and police authorities. It will help to save lives of many who unfortunately meet road accidents and wait for somebody to help them.

A couple of years back, a friend of ours, witnessed a road accident in which an old lady was injure badly. He did not waste a moment and rushed her to the nearby hospital. The lady had received minor injuries and was saved. she thanked him a million times. Our friend was happy to help somebody in need.

I am writing this article to request everybody who reads it to please stop immediately and offer help to anybody who unfortunately meets an accident. Now, with our apex court by our side, anybody who offers help to the accident victims shall be treated respectfully by the officials and will not be harassed anymore. A little effort from our side can save someone’s life.

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