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The Importance Of Learning Music During Childhood

As parents, we lay a lot of stress on academics and physical development of our children. Our prime concern becomes the academic grades of our children. Very little do we pay attention on learning music or any musical instrument during childhood. It is only when, our children show some interest or insist us for musical training, only then we go and enroll them for classes. But music has a lot to do with the development of brain functions during childhood.

We have seen how our kids even in infancy gets soothed and respond positively when we sing lullabies or rhymes to them. During toddler years, they learn academic concepts like alphabets and numbers faster when sung in the form of rhymes. They enjoy tapping their feet and clapping their hands on the beats of songs and rhymes.

In spite of that, we often tend to ignore or include music in their development as they grow older. Learning music or any musical instrument helps in forming new brain connections during childhood. It helps in their overall development in a number of ways.

Benefits of music for the little ones:-

1. During childhood, singing and listening to music enhances language and communication skills and increases a child’s vocabulary.

2. Learning to create music, strengthens a child’s cognitive and memory skills.

3. Singing songs, learning to perform in groups, following directions, helps in the development of listening skills.

4. Learning to play an instrument helps in increasing eye hand coordination along with gross and fine motor skills.

5. It stimulates creativity, expression and imagination.

As parents, we must provide an active experience to children in learning music. If we participate actively in our child’s learning, they will enjoy more and exhibit greater skills in their journey of learning music. This way music will contribute not only in their growth and development but also help in spending family time together and having fun.

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10 Reasons Why I Love to Read to My Kids 

I have always loved books. As a child, I was always fascinated by the magical world of books. The moment I opened a book, the characters would appear in front of my eyes as if real and start talking to me. The stories would form real pictures in my mind and I would feel as if I was a part of it. My passion for books has become an integral part of motherhood. I am very keen in developing a love for reading in my children. Every day before going to bed, we have a routine of reading story books. I try to read a variety of books for them ranging from fairy tales, moral stories, general knowledge and much more.

Reading has immense benefits on the development of a child. It helps them in developing language, forms new brain connections and creates an interest for books which always helps them later in life.

Here I am just writing ten benefits of reading which I am sure are much less for those who love reading.

1. Quiet and Calmness

These days children are extremely active and never for a moment they like to sit still quietly. They never get tired of jumping and running around. Reading a book provides them with time for relaxation, quiet and calmness in their busy lives. They learn to sit still and focus. While listening to a story they also learn to concentrate. It also calms a child when he is fretful and restless.

2. Imagination and Play

Stories are a great source of encouraging and stimulating imagination. This imagination helps them in adding more variety to their play. When they are engaged in a story, they begin to imagine about the characters and situations in it and start thinking about how they feel.

3. Parent Child Bonding

Reading a story provides opportunities for parents to bond with their children. It is a great way of spending quality time together with the kids. Reading to your children gives them intimacy, they feel close to you, they get the feeling of being loved and secured. This feeling of getting opportunity from you helps them to grow smart.

4. Curiosity and Discussion

Reading stories evokes children’s curiosity and gives them opportunity for discussion. The child also learns cause and effects from stories. It raises his IQ level and he learns to exercise logic. The more a child delves into a story, the more he wants to know more and read further.

5. Inspiration, thought and reflection

It provides them inspiration, thought and reflection. It introduces them to a world outside their own world. When they are exposed to new life, ideas, characters, beliefs and information, they get to learn, think and reflect about it and thus feel inspired.

6. Appreciation for art and writing

Children learn to appreciate art and literature. They are introduced to the beautiful art of writing which increases their intellect and enhances their perspective. They learn various writing skills when they are introduced to various forms of it.

7. Language Features and Vocabulary

It is only when they read, they are exposed to new words and thus enhance their vocabulary. They unconsciously absorb information as they read and learn to use language and words more effectively.

8. Entertainment

Reading is a great form of entertainment. One never feels lonely while reading a book and never gets bored. If we develop a habit of reading at an early age, the child would never find reading a stressful chore. He would have reading as a pleasurable habit. One can take a book along almost anywhere and read anywhere anytime. Thus, a child can keep himself busy in a constructive way.

9. Better Communication Skills

When you read a book to your child, the child learns to speak by listening to you. The conversation between characters, helps a child to learn and express himself. The child not only learns from your interactions but also from the characters of the book. The child begins to understand rhymes and rhythms.

10. Academic Excellence

Reading at an early age develops a higher aptitude for learning in general. When a child struggles to put together words in a sentence, he begins to grasp other concepts in school easily. The child is better prepared to learn at school when he is introduced to reading at an early age.

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Why Akshardham is a Must Visit Place for Kids


The term end break began and the first thought that came across my mind was to take the kids for some fun and learn outings in Delhi. We decided to take them to Akshardham where they can have an entire day of learning about our culture along with great entertainment too.


The sculptural beauty of the place is a treat for the eyes. The lush green open gardens, water bodies and step well styled courtyard is all soothing to mind and brings peace to the soul. The exhibitions related to Bhagwan Swami Narayan’s journey made the children really excited. They got to learn about Hinduism, Vedic Era, Bhagwan Swami Narayan’s teachings such as the importance of prayer, compassion and non-violence.

The show was divided in three parts- Sahajanand Darshan, Neelkanth Darshan and Sanskruti Darshan. The first one, Sahajanand Darshan is a robotics show. The Hall of Values, features life like robots displaying incidents from Swami Narayan’s life. The value of nonviolence is taught by a story depiction of Ghanshyam bringing the fish back to life. There was a spiritual discourse of Bhagwan Swami Narayan which appeared so realistic that children couldn’t believe they were robots. The effects were so mesmerizing, it simply took us to that era.

The timeless messages of Hinduism are presented so beautifully that even the kids enjoyed them. It was amazing to see them learning about our culture in such a joyous manner.

The next show is the Neelkanth Darshan, a movie of Swami Neelkanth’s Yatra, tracing his journey on an epic trek across the Indian subcontinent. The movie is shown on a giant screen of 85 feet wide and 65 feet tall. The audience become completely enthralled with little Neelkanth on his 12,000 km travel by foot and were surprised to see how he undertook so much hardships to spread the wisdom of the eternal soul.

The best part is the cultural boat ride in Sanskriti Darshan. It’s a memorable experience to ride a boat and sail through thousands of years of Ancient Indian History. Children were amazed to see and experience the lifestyle of the Vedic Era. The University of Takshshila, the depiction of the eye surgery, the busy vedic marketplace are simply unforgettable. Children learn a lot about India’s first contributors to the world, King Ashok, Meerabai, a beautiful representation of the Bharatnatyam, kings playing a large sized chess are just a few of the extraordinary exhibits. This twelve-minute journey is not only entertaining but also very informative for the kids.

After that the visitors are guided to the Abhishek Mandappam. It is the ritual bathing of Bhagwan Swami Narayan for the fulfilment of one’s wishes. The beauty of the Mandappam is beyond verbal expression. The pillars are majestically designed in white and gold. Each one carries a beautiful portrayal of Swami Narayan’s life journey. Amidst the lavish interiors stands tall is Swami Narayan’s golden statue to which the worshipers can offer water. The Abhishek is extremely organized and open to all the visitors. The Vedic Mantras and prayers are chanted while the visitors perform the ritual.

The entire experience at Akshardham is extremely memorable. It is very entertaining, informative, cultural and historical learning as well as joyful for the kids. The place offers facilities of cafeteria and washrooms at various places. The impeccable cleanliness and discipline is eye catching. It’s a very good and well organized outdoor experience for kids.




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आज फिर खुद से दोस्ती कर लेंं

चलो आज फिर खुद से दोस्ती कर लें,

खुद का हाथ फिर खुद से थाम लें,

रिश्तों के भंवर में उलझी अपनी डोर को 

आओ आज खुद ही छुड़ा लें,

सबको प्यार देते हैं हम, क्यूं न थोड़ा प्यार आज खुद से करें हम।

बहु, बीवी, माँ , सबका फर्ज़ निभाते हैं,

फिर क्यूं खुद को भूल जाते हैं ?

चाहते हैं की कोई हम से प्यार करे, 

हमारे इस दामन को खुशियों से भर दे,

जब बाँटते है हम, खुशियाँ सभी को, 

तो फिर खुशियों की उम्मीद दूसरों से करें क्यों?

पति को चाहा तो खुद को भुलाया,

माँ बन कर जैसे खुद को मिटाया, 

जोड़े नए रिश्ते पर तोड़ा खुद ही को,

चलो आज ढूंढे खुद में खुद ही को।

न शिक्वा, न शिकायत, 

न आँसु, न हिदायत,

अपनी चाहतों को दे अपना आसमान,

खुद को निखारें, बने खुद का सहारा,

देखें नए सपने, दें खुद का साथ हम अब,

अपने ही दोस्त बन कर, चलें खुद के साथ हम अब,

भरें अपने जहाँ में रंग कुछ नए इस कदर,

कि मिल जाँए आज खुद से, एक नया दोस्त बन कर।

करें एक नई दोस्ती, एक नई शुरुआत अब,

उम्मीदें दूसरों से न हो, बस खुद से हो हर पल,

देंगे सभी को सब कुछ, पर लेंगे न किसी से कुछ,

थामेंगे हाथ अपना, साथ देंगे खुद का हर पल,

खुद के दोस्त बन कर, जानें खुद को इस तरह,

कि भूला न पाएँ कभी यह नया याराना।

न सोचें कि कोई नही है अपना, 

न सोचें कहाँ गया वो सपना,

दिल में रखें विश्व़ास हम अब,

कि खुद के साथ खड़े हैं हम अब,

करी खुद से जो दोस्ती, तो निभाऐंगे हर पल, 

करा खुद से ये वादा, भुलाऐंगे न अब हम,

आज खुद से दोस्ती कर के, करें खुद को खुश अब, 

थामे खुद का हाथ अब, चलें एक नए डगर पर।

हो साथ खुद.का, एहसास खुद का,

सपनों में अपने, विश्व़ास खुद का,

आओ आज फिर से खुद से दोस्ती कर लें।

न रोऐं छुप छुप के, न हो दिल की बात दिल में, 

बनें खुद का सहारा, दें साथ अब खुद ही का,

प्यार जो किया किसी से, दुखाया दिल अपना,

भरे आँखों में आँसू, दिया दर्द खुद.को,

आओ आज फिर से करो खुद से दोस्ती, 

दो प्यार खुद को भी, जिओ खुद भी जिंदगी।

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The Scars in the Innocent Minds #LetsTalkAboutRape


Almost every girl and woman must have faced and encountered an incident in our lives where some boy or man teased us, touched us inappropriately, harassed or molested us at some point in time or the other. What impact have such incidents left on us? Can we ever forget that day or the moment when these things happened?

Let’s try to remember what happened on that day. Where we went wrong? What did we do to gain such an unwanted attention? How and why were we victimized to such an extent that even years later we cannot overcome that feeling of disgust, fear and hatred. The incidents that I am narrating are very common and happened with my close friends during our growing up years.

  1. She was in her sixth standard, her friend who used to accompany her on her way back home was absent that day, even the senior girls who lived near her house and studied in the same school as hers had left early for home. She had no other choice but to walk alone to her house after school. The streets were generally deserted during the hot summer afternoons and on the way, was a Government Boys School which got over at the same time. She started walking towards home. As she approached near the street that led to the Boys School, she saw three senior boys coming towards her. They were staring at her, passing remarks and laughing at her. She felt nervous. They walked towards her, blocking her way. She clenched the strings of her school bag tightly, scared, nervous. She tried to move away from them but they dodged her way. Finally, she managed to escape. She ran as fast as she could not to stop until she reached home. Years later, she could still remember that afternoon.
  2. She was going for her tuition classes, not far away from her home. She had barely reached the end of the street when suddenly a biker stopped right in front of her. The boy took off her helmet, kissed her and quickly rode off. Before she could even realise what had happened, he had vanished. She stood there motionless, unable to think of anything. She ran back her home, dived into her bed, cried incessantly. She had never seen him, nor had ever met him. When her parents came to know about it, they stopped her tuition classes and hired a home tutor for her. She was stopped from going out anywhere alone. She could leave the house only with her brother. What was her fault? Why was she stopped from going out of her house? Did anybody stop that boy from riding a bike? He wasn’t even an adult!
  3. She was playing Hide n’ Seek with her friends outside her house. She was hiding behind a car. Her friend was also hiding nearby. A man came on a bicycle, he was about the age of her father. He stopped in front of her, got off from the bicycle, stooped down on the pretext of checking the wheel. Staring deeply at her, he unzipped his pants and showed her something! She did not know what it was, but it was very dirty. She felt sick and filthy. She ran back home. She did not know what to say and how to explain. At night, she could still see that man in the dark, grinning at her. She could not sleep at night, nor could she forget that incident years later.
  4. She was in her hostel, pursuing teacher’s training. Vacations had started and she was leaving for her home with a group of friends. They had planned to board the same bus for a certain distance and take different ones after reaching the main bus stop. The bus was over crowded. They manage to board it and after a while found seats to sit. She was chatting with her friend, when she felt something rubbing against her shoulder. She looked behind and saw an elderly man staring at her and rubbing his softest part against her. She felt sick inside. She did not have the courage to say anything to him. She asked her friend to change seat with her. When she rose, the man had vanished in the crowd. She was left with a sick, dirty and filthy feeling inside her.

There must be innumerable such incidents or even worse. The perpetrators could be men of different caste, age group, educational or social backgrounds. What do they get by doing such things? FUN? What fun? From where do they learn such things? From where do they get the right to do such things?

It’s our ingrained mindset of thinking that males are a superior race. Just by being born with a set of different organs, they get the right to do almost anything with their female counterparts.

We always teach our girls to be decent, cultured, obeying and non-complaining. But we are wrong. We need to teach the boys that they are wrong. They are wrong if they think that girls are something to have fun with. They are wrong if they consider themselves as a superior race and expect women to bow down to every whims and fancy that they have. It is not okay to tease, harass, touch inappropriately or victimize them in any way. RAPE IS A SEVERE CRIME THAT THEY COMMIT. THEY DESERVE A SEVERE PUNISHMENT FOR THAT. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, NO MORE TALKS, BUT LETS STOP RAPE.