How to Help Kids Develop Interest in Maths

Maths Based Board Games
Games like Snakes and ladder, monopoly, Business, Ludo and various card games like UNO, playing cards and even Tambola help kids develop an interest in numbers from the very beginning. If parents get involved while playing such games with their children, they will find numbers fun.

There are a number of other activities which I did with my daughters to make them number friendly. Once, the child develops an inclination towards numbers, they will always find it easy while learning in their later life in school.

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समंदर का लहरों से रिश्ता

समंदर ने कहा लहरों से, “कुछ देर तो थम जा बाहों में,
यूँ मचलती है क्यूँ , यूँ उछलती है क्यूँ,
क्या रखा हैं उन किनारों में.”
लहरें ना थमी , ना रुकी, ना ठहरी,
कहे लगी, “किनारा है मेरी मंजिल, ना आ तू मरी राहों में,
किनारे करता है मेरा इंतज़ार , जाना है ज़रूरी , ना आ तू मेरे पास,

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5 Tips to Teach Kids About How to Save Water

Water is the most important resource and kids love to play with water. However, in this natural tendency, they tend to waste a lot of water. It is important to take necessary steps around their playing with water which should ensure that there is minimum wastage and maximum enjoyment also.

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