समंदर का लहरों से रिश्ता ( भाग २ )

समंदर में आया तूफ़ान, लहरों ने खाया उफ़ान,

समंदर हुआ परेशान, करी कोशिश लूं लहरों को थाम,

लहरें थी चंचल, बेताब और बदमस्त,

ना रूकती, ना थमती, बस उफनती रहती,

लहरों की बेताबी, थी समंदर को सताती,


लहरों का तूफ़ान, करे समंदर को छलनी,

बेबस समंदर कहे आंसूओं को पी कर,

क्या कमी है मेरी गहराईओं में,

जो थाम ना सके तुमको बाहों में,


समंदर का दर्द बस चाँद ही समझता,

मुस्कुराकर बोला, “उफन लेने दो इन लहरों को,

थम जाने दो इन तूफानों को,

ना रोको इन्हें, ना टोको इन्हें,

किनारा करे आकर्षित इन्हें,


किनारा तो पराया है,

पर तू तो इसका साया है,

तूफ़ान तो पल भर आया है,

लहरों ने फिर भी तुम्हे ही अपनाया है.”


समंदर हुआ शांत, लिए आंसूओं को थाम,

कुछ तरसती आँखों से, कुछ सुबकती साँसों  से,

करने लगा लहरों के ठहरने का इंतज़ार ,

उसकी उदासी बस चाँद ही समझता.

इस कविता का पहला भाग है :

समंदर का लहरों से रिश्ता









#Bar-A-Thon Day 7 : Seven Year Itch


Anamika was watching her friends’ pics on social media. She thought about the last time she had gone with Rohit for a vacation three years back.

A post caught her eyes, hesitatingly she dialled the number given.

“What’s the harm in trying once? Rohit any way never pays attention to me. He will never come to know.”

Refreshed and satisfied, she thanked the stylist for the awesome makeover and booked him for the next time.

“Anu, you look really hot in your new looks!”Rohit grabbed her by her waist.

The spark was back and the Seven Year Itch was gone.

This post is written as an entry for Day 6 of the Bar-A-Thon Edition 3. the theme i have taken for my posts is the marathon of 100 words story. I have combined the theme with the prompt for today – Seven Year Itch.



#Bar-A-Thon Day 6: Six Minutes of Fame

They dreamt of performing in India’s Best Talent Hunt Show and becoming The Famous Four.

Beach, roadside, parks, bridges, monuments, high-rise buildings, they had tried them all for their death-defying stunts. The next chosen destination was the dam for they would send the video for the first round of audition. They will become famous.

The wild waters were let loose, blinded by youth, they ignored the warning.

The video went viral. They became famous, only none of them survived to see it.

Four youth drowned while performing stunts on the dam…

All for mere six minutes of fame.

this 2020 (8)

This post is written as an entry for the Bar-A-Thon Edition 3. I have used the theme as the marathon of 100 words story. I have combined the theme along with the prompt for today : Six Minutes of Fame.





















#Bar-A-Thon Day 5: Give Me Five

“Dad, I told you I don’t want to get married.”

“Just meet the boy once, after that you can decide whether you want to go ahead or not.”

Knock, Knock…

She opened the door, “Sushant?”

Happy and surprised to see her college best friend, she could not hold herself, “so you are the boy…”

“Ya, it’s all because of your dad. Somehow he got to know that we liked each other and…”

“And I called his parents to talk about you two shy birds. Mr Verma was too happy with the proposal. So? Give me Five!”

this 2020 (7)


This post is written as an entry for Day 5 of the Bar-A-Thon Edition 3. I am taking up the theme of A Marathon of 100 words stories combined with todays prompt – Give me Five

#Bar-A-Thon Day 4: Four Corners of the World

It’s a grand ceremony. People from the four corners of the world have gathered here. My father, my mother and all my friends are here. I have made them all proud today. It’s a special day for me for they will honour me with the Param Vir Chakra today.

Neeta, my beautiful wife, looks beautiful as ever holding our baby in her arms. She climbs the stairs to join me on the stage.

I am so happy to see her yet so sad!

How I wish God had given me a few more years to live with her!

this 2020 (5)

This post is written as an entry for Day 4 of the Bar-A-Thon Edition 3. I am using the theme as a Marathon of 100 words story challenge combined with the prompt for today which is “four corners of the world”.