5 Reasons Why I Decided to Give My Elder One a Sibling

5 Reasons Why I Decided to Give My Elder One a Sibling

Only those who have siblings must be knowing whay it is like to have one. A sibling is the best gift parents can give to their child. Growing up with a sibling fills our childhood with colourful memories. We could never feel alone in the company of our sibling. Whether a brother or a sister, younger or elder, time spent with our siblings always remains special. Imagine how your summer holidays must have gone in the absence of a sibling. The nights would have missed those chatters and giggles, beds would have missed those pillow fights, so many toys and nobody to fight for them, nobody to make us cry and laugh without any reason. It’s a different bond that you share with your siblings.
When my elder one was born, I decided not to have another child as I had got scared of pregnancy and delivery. When she was in kindergarten and started observing that many of her friends had siblings but she had none. She would often complain that she felt lonely a home and how she did not have anybody at home to play with whereas all her friends had their brothers or sisters at home. It was then that I realised that how selfish I was. I was only thinking of my convenience and robbing her off of one of the most beautiful relationship. It is a relationship which I have always cherished but she could not. That made me change my decision. She made me realise how wrong I was. Glad that I changed my decision.
Here is why I feel a child should have a sibling:
1. Best Buddies

No matter what the age difference is, siblings always make the best of friends. They are there whenever the other needs them. Nobody else can understand you better than your siblings. Sometimes it’s even more than your parents. The way one can share their thoughts and feelings with one’s sibling, one cannot share with anybody else.
2. Emotional support
Sometimes when we feel that we have a generation gap with our parents and they won’t understand us or when there is a difference of opinion with our parents; our siblings always come for our rescue. They provide us strength and form our emotional cushion. They help in bridging the gap with our parents.
3. Learning to share
A child never gets to learn how to share when he is alone. When the child gets a sibling, he learns to share everything from toys, books, room as also the love of his parents. This makes a child less possessive. The child becomes more social and starts sharing among his friends.
4. Starts learning on his own
Children learn very fast from each other. When it comes to doing summer projects, your elder sibling is your best help. Whether it is about studies, learning lessons, building vocabulary or hanging down from monkey ladders, your sibling will teach you unlike any other and provide help like nobody does.
5. Another parent
For the younger child, the elder one is almost like a parent. the elder sibling takes care of his or her younger one like a second mother. The elder ones are usually so protective and caring towards their younger siblings, that during their growing up years they don’t even feel the need of their parents. Very often when the parents are busy, two children in the company of each other do not feel the absence of their parents. The younger one feels secured in the company of the elder sibling.
For parents these days, it is often difficult to go in for a second child. We find it difficult to give time to the kids and there are other factors which make it extremely difficult to have more than one child. But if we see it from the perspective of a child, we will see how lonely they feel these days. Parents are more and more busy these days with their careers, family set up is getting smaller day by day. Neighbourhood play mates are also not there these days. In the absence of parents and friends who is there for a child? How will the child make memories? Memories of running after their siblings, memories of sharing thoughts with our siblings, memories of family outings, we have plentiful with our siblings. Why not our children?

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