A Book That Connects Your Child With Your Childhood

A Book That Connects Your Child With Your Childhood

T4Tales Book Review

Recently, I was talking with my daughter about the games we used to play during our childhood. One of the many outdoor group games that we used to play was “Poshampa bhai poshampa”, then I realised that I have forgotten a few words in between of this very famous and sweet song of my childhood. Last week, I received a beautiful gift from T4Tales, a children’s book publisher for a review. To my surprise I found the good old songs of my childhood in it. And guess what, it even has, my favourite “Poshampa bhai Poshampa”.

I was so excited that I called my daughter and said, “Remember I was trying to sing this song few days back and I told you that I have forgotten it. See, this book has my favourite song and the other songs too which we used to sing.” We sat down together and sang all the songs of my childhood. I felt as if I was a little girl again and singing the songs with my best friend. During those few moments, I and my daughter were two best friends of the same age group. We giggled, we smiled and we laughed and hugged each other just like two little girls.

About the Book:

The book called “GOL MOL BOL” compiled by Pridhee and illustrated by Abhilash is a beautiful and colourful hard bound book containing old Hindi Rhymes. The illustrations are big, beautiful and full of childhood innocence. 
The best part of the book is that the rhymes are written not only in Hindi script but in English script as well. The songs are not translated in English but transliterated to help young readers learn Hindi language.

While reading the book I realised that we start teaching English language to our children at a very young age. We start drilling English alphabets, we converse with them in English and prefer reading books written in English right from the very beginning. With the result that they become proficient in English from a very young age. But what about our own Indian Languages and especially Hindi? Kids, these days are not as comfortable in reading and writing Hindi as they are with English.

About the Publishers:

T4Tales brings to us books written in Hindi with English transliteration. It helps young learners who can easily read English with phonemes to read and learn Hindi language. The English transliteration enables them to pronounce the words correctly and help them enjoy the rhythm of the songs. T4Tales offers books for young learners those who are between 0-4 years of age. They help introduce Indian Languages, such as Hindi, Punjabi and Kannada, to help children in their early years. They offer old Indian rhymes that have been passed down to us by our elders and thereby help our children connect with their roots.

About the Author:

The author of the book, Pridhee Kapur Gupta, is a mother of a 4 year old, writes books for young children in Indian languages. A trained molecular biologist with a PhD from Germany, Pridhee has an undergraduate and masters degree from IIT-Delhi, and has taught at Macquarie University, Australia. Her journey in book writing began after becoming a mother when she realised that there were not enough children’s books in Indian Languages available outside India. That’s when she decided to pen down books on her own.

What I loved About the Book:

Apart from the bright and colourful illustrations, the content and the bilingual feature of the book, there is also a very special feature adding a new dimension to the book is the pop up page. There is a pop up page provided at the end of the book with the rhyme “Chanda Mama Gol Gol”. It adds a special flavour to the book and easily enraptures the young readers.

Where to grab it from:  

Grab your copies of the book from

Shumee Toys: https://www.shumee.in/products/hindi-rhymes-gol-mol-bol

T4Tales: http://www.t4tales.com/home.html



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