A Little Love Story That Started After Marriage

A Little Love Story That Started After Marriage



I have been running a boutique. During the festive season, I had a very hectic schedule. I used to open the boutique at 11 in the morning and reached home around 8 at night. By the time I went home, I was completely exhausted. In the morning, I had to wake up at 6 o clock, get my kids ready for school, do all the household chores and rush to open the boutique. Even after reaching home, there were various responsibilities to be looked after.

At times, I did not even get time to sit down for a minute. Sometimes, I skipped my lunch as I used to be so busy. Due to my hectic schedule, my back and legs ached terribly at night. I never bothered about it much as there were so many other things to be taken care of. I simply took painkillers and went to sleep. I knew that the real reason behind it was my poor eating habits and hectic schedule especially during the festive season. With an overdose of responsibilities at home and at work I was simply neglecting myself.

My husband was noticing all this. He began to worry about me. Sometimes, when he came late, I went to sleep without having dinner while waiting for him. One morning, he started arguing with me. He asked me what was I doing with myself. What was the use of so much hard work, if I could not take care of myself? He hated it when I took painkillers without consulting a physician. He told me that if I fell ill, who would look after the house, our family, our kids and my boutique.

He consulted his friend who is a physician and a nutritionist on his advice. He made changes in my diet and also gave strict instructions to our maid to make my meals accordingly. His friend also advised him to give me nutritional supplements like Revital H Women. He was told that it’s a daily health supplement which has been specially designed for women. He got impressed by its healthy combination of 12 vitamins, 10 minerals and Ginseng which would keep me physically active and mentally relaxed throughout the day. He immediately knew that it was just what I needed.

He knew that I was careless and did not pay much attention to myself. He became more caring and concerned towards me. He would call up in the afternoon to make sure that I had eaten my lunch. He started coming home early so that we could have dinner at proper time. On top of it all, he made sure that instead of taking painkillers I was taking Revital H regularly.

His love and care along with a good diet and supplements, helped me in many ways. I started feeling much better. I came out of my health problems. It brought so much change in me that even my clients would ask me which facial I was doing for myself. I couldn’t help laughing.

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