Adding A Bit of Khadi in Our Lives

Adding A Bit of Khadi in Our Lives


The latest tableau of Khadi Gram Udyog in the Republic Day parade this year reminded me of my college days, when I was fascinated by Khadi Kurtas. It was a sort of style statement to wear Khadi kurta with denim jeans. I loved Khadi kurtas in those days.

When I took my first job as a school teacher I loved to wear khadi gram’s cotton sarees. I had always admired my school teachers wearing crisp cotton sarees in school. I guess somewhere the reason behind taking up teaching as a profession was the craze for wearing those crisp cotton sarees. Even in college, I remember admiring my lecturers entering our classroom with grace in their well pleated cotton sarees. Cotton sarees and clothes seem to accompany dignity and grace. It seems to command respect.

Apart, from clothes, I have used several other Khadi Gram’s products. Their hair packs are very natural and herbal based. Lately, I tried using Khadi Gram’s soaps and shampoo. Khadi soaps have good aroma. They are completely herbal. It is non-sticky, does not get easily dissolved in water when left in the soap case. It cleanses well and leaves a fresh feeling. The soaps have a wide variety and have good colors.

Khadi shampoos especially the amla based ones provide natural luster and adds bounce and body to the hair. It is good for normal to oily hair and does not make the hair limp. It prevents hair fall. Khadi shampoos also have a wide variety suiting different hair type. They form good lather and have a deep cleaning effect.

Khadi products have a wide variety, good quality and are indigenous. Even if we include a little bit of khadi in our lives, it will benefit many others, providing employment to innumerable people, thereby, improving the economic conditions of our country.

Khadi is a mark of our nationality. It’s about being Indian and loving India. Even if we include it in a small way, it will help millions of our countrymen.


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