#Bar-A-Thon Day 3: Three’s A Crowd

#Bar-A-Thon Day 3: Three’s A Crowd

The setting was perfect, Manasi was looking gorgeous in her black dress while Sumit looked like a Greek god in his black suit. After six months of having a baby, they had planned a dinner date leaving their baby in the custody of grandparents.

The waiter took the order, Manasi was waiting for some romantic conversation.

Sumit’s phone rang. A call by one of his clients took a good half an hour after which the rest of the evening was gone with Sumit making arrangements for his client’s visit.
“Three’s a crowd,” she thought as they sat in the car.

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This post is written as an entry for Day 3 of the Bar- A- Thon Edition 3. I am using my theme as the marathon of 100 word story challenge combining with the prompt for today which is ‘Three’s a crowd’.


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  1. That’s so not fair! Phone calls, especially business ones shouldn’t be answered during a dinner date. I feel for the new mom in the story! Good one, Vidhi!

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