Blog Tour: Daisy Bala’s Blossoms and Foliages

Blog Tour: Daisy Bala’s Blossoms and Foliages

It is a great opportunity to be a part of Daisy Bala’s blog tour for her newly launched book, “Blossoms and Foliages”.

Blossoms and Foliages as the name suggests is a book comprising a beautiful collection of poetry based on nature. The book is being highly appreciated for its wonderful collection of 40 poems revolving around seasons, mid-summer blooms and colours of nature.

Blossoms and Foliages is a fantastic collection of poetry which takes you to the breeze and freshness of the nature.

“It’s my maiden attempt in the book writing sojourn and quite an ethereal one. I enjoyed jotting down my ramblings and monologues in this fresh pick” says Daisy about her book.

My favourite poem in this beautiful collection is “The Next Morning”.

In this poem, Daisy has compared the sunshine with a beautiful woman who retires for the night after grasping the day. The sunshine like an attractive woman comes again the next day to cast a spell on the beautiful nature. I loved the personification of the sunshine to that of a glamorous model who comes out as if “walking the ramp”.

Let me give you a glimpse of this beauty through one of the poems.

The Next Morning

After seizing the day,

The sunshine retracts

Winding up its glory by evening

Retiring for the night

Only to comeback refurbished

Renewed and rejoiced

The next morning.

Again, spreading the ethereal sheet of sunshine

On the entire spectrum

Casting spell on blooming flora

And enchanting all lives!!

Dressed to impress the day

Sun’s golden skirt flares in vogue

Shining in matching ensemble

Walking the ramp of the day.

As time recedes, twilight starts winking frivolously

Sunlight starts retreating

Dawdling to withdraw,

Only to return renewed

The next morning!!

About the author:

Daisy is a passionate author and blogger living in Chicago suburbs with her husband and two kids. She is a nature lover who draws her musings from the verdant green bounty around her. Her walk-in woods continuously inspire her to drink through the day’s eye and scribble the thoughts in her blogs. If not writing, she’s running around her 9 months old, changing diapers or teaching her 8-year-old basics of geometry. Daisy hails from New Delhi, India and has been in the US for the last six years. She has been blogging since 2016 and her love for seasons and flora is implicit in her vivid writings. A physics graduate and a master’s in Human Resources, Daisy is a homemaker thriving on positivism and writing!!

Daisy Bala writes her blogs at

You can buy the book from Amazon.

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