Brainsmith Quantum Cards: An Interesting Way to Play and Learn

Brainsmith Quantum Cards: An Interesting Way to Play and Learn


What are Brainsmith Quantum Cards?

Brainsmith Quantum Cards are gigantic sized flash cards. They have high quality colourful pictures on one side and encyclopaedic facts at the back side. It comes in a pack of 10 cards with different topics according to the age group of children.


Why Quantum Cards?

Quantum Cards makes it easier for the children to retain the information provided to them. Flash cards are an important educational tool. Even small kids can grasp concepts with the help of them. Quantum cards have bright, colourful and beautiful life like pictures on them. The information provided at the back is clear, concise and easy to understand. The high quality and plastic coated cards makes it easier to wipe and clean them.

How to use them?

Sit at an arm’s distance with your child. introduce the topic by way of storytelling. Show the cards one by one. Tell the names of each picture and explain the information provided at the back of the cards.

An Interesting Game to Play

To engage the kids creatively, I spread the cards on the floor and invited them to play the game of ‘Around the World’.

“All aboard!”

“Tie your seat belts!”

“Let’s take off!”

“The flight is ready to land in Brazil”.

Kids ran and reached the card showing the flag of Brazil.

Once they reached there, I asked my younger one to repeat the name of the country and to my elder one I asked a few questions of General Knowledge about the respective country. Thus, the game continued.

In the evening, she invited her friends to play the same game with them. All the kids had hours of playing and learning with Quantum cards.

Why I recommend?

We can create and play several games with these beautiful quantum cards. Kids learn quickly and easily. I found it totally worth its price.

Find your set of Quantum cards here:


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