Crime or No Crime #FridayFictioneer

Crime or No Crime #FridayFictioneer

Jatin Marwah, the young owner of Residency Hotel, was found dead in his office, leaving behind his entire fortune for Shimona, his charming wife. Cardiac arrest, that’s what the doctors declared. He was known to be an alcoholic.

Standing beside the round table and looking at the array of towering glasses and the tea cups in the hotel lobby, Shimona looked captivating in her white embroidered Kurta salwar. There was a faint bewitching smile on her pink lips, “When marital rape and adultery are not crimes, then choosing a path of freedom isn’t too,” she said to herself.

Linking up the story with Rochelle Wisoff as part of  #FridayFictioneer.

10 thoughts on “Crime or No Crime #FridayFictioneer

  1. Dear Luminosity,

    I wonder if her case will stand up in court. Sad story of too many true ones. Welcome to Friday Fictioneers.



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