Fodder for Young Minds: The Child City Magazine

Fodder for Young Minds: The Child City Magazine

I remember, during my childhood, I used to dig myself in storybooks and children’s magazines. Nandan and Champak used to be my all-time favourites. Their comic strips, illustrations, stories and activities would keep me occupied for hours. Parents also, used to be happy to see us occupied in a constructive way. Their content used to be a parent’s delight too. Sometimes, during the weekends, my parents would get involved with me and do the activities provided in these magazines.

I have plenty of books for my kids, story books, picture books and board books to create their interest in reading. But I was missing that pleasure which I used to find in these monthly magazines. There was a certain curiosity and interest. We used to wait eagerly for the next issue of the magazine as soon as we finished one. I was looking for some good monthly magazine for my kids which could provide the same curiosity and interest to them.

Recently, I came across Child City Magazine, which is a digital magazine for kids. It is print friendly, which means we can give them a printed version any time we want. The child city magazine is a very thoughtful one. The content is curated taking care of all the details. The magazines provides food for young minds. Each and every section is interesting, informative and inspiring.

This year we witnessed the total solar eclipse. The Child City Magazine has incorporated a video coverage of this great event in their September issue. The video shows this majestic event in a beautiful way.

The magazine features a very interesting story for children “The Invisible King of the Jungle”. I enjoyed reading it as much as my kids. The Curious Club section features an interesting Trivia Byte giving young learners information regarding Escape Velocity in a very easy to understand manner.

The magazine also and Inspiration corner where it provides information about Teacher’s Day and Dr Radhakrishnan.

The magazine covers almost all the aspects. It has a section for current affairs, sports, riddles, jokes, vocabulary corner, sports and a lot more. My favourite part in the magazine is the last section where it gives a very interesting outdoor game for kids. Kids these days are spending more and more time in front of gadgets and lesser time plating outdoors. This last section of the magazine brings to them a very interesting game called “Kukumi” which they can play outdoors with their group of friends.

The magazine brings the kids very good content in a very interesting way. The pictures are very colourful and bright. Each and every page is beautifully created with pictures, colourful text and different fonts. So, if you are looking for information and entertainment for your kids, The Child City Magazine is the complete answer.

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  1. Wow! That sounds like one amazing digital magazine. I like the concept because it’s print friendly and watching solar eclipse live through this magazine must be something really exciting foe kids?

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