Her Wedding Lehenga (A short story)

Her Wedding Lehenga (A short story)

Kanika’s wedding was fixed after six months. She was very excited. Aniket was her co worker in the same bank. Their parents had liked approved their relationship and happily given approval for their wedding. Her mother’s happiness knew no boundaries.

Kanika came back from her bank one evening and found her mother packing her wedding saree. It was a beautiful red saree with golden work on it. “Mom, what is this? What are you doing with your saree?”

  “Nothing, beta, your wedding reminded me of my own sweet memories. I wore this saree on my wedding. It made me feel so special.” She replied. “Come here.” She put the saree on Kanika’s shoulder. The colour of the saree suited so well to her. She looked so pretty. Kanika blushed to see herself in the mirror.

“Kanika, we should shopping for your wedding trousseau. There is not much time. We need to book your wedding lehenga also.” Her mother said.

“Mom, you know my taste and I trust you, please do the shopping on my behalf. I don’t have time enough to go for shopping. As it is the bank is open for extra hours due to demonetisation.” Kanika replied.

Everyday her mother would go to the market and buy sarees and jewellery for her. She would show it to Kanika. Kanika was very happy to see her trousseau being prepared by her mother so lovingly.

“Kanika, when are you going to book your lehenga. It will need a lot of time to get stitched. Why don’t you take a day off?” Her mother asked her one day.

“Mom, don’t worry I will do that soon. You take care of the entire trousseau and everything else. I will take care of the lehenga. You just leave that to me.” Kanika replied.

Her wedding preparations were going on full swing, she was increasingly busy with the bank.

Her mother kept reminded her for her wedding dress but she had no time to go for shopping.

She promised her mother that she will get her wedding dress prepared in time. She wanted to surprise her mom with her choice so kept it as a secret.

Wedding functions started all her dresses were ready, her mother asked her about her wedding dress. She told her that she had booked it online and it will be delivered in time.

Her mother trusted her so she did not dwell upon it any further.

The wedding day arrived. Her mother was very emotional. It was a moment of great joy and full of emotions.

The house was filled with family members and relatives. Her friends were also there. She told everyone not to play emotional wedding songs. She did not want to see her parents and siblings crying. She wanted to leave her parent’s house by spreading joys and laughter all around. She instructed her friends to share a lot of jokes with her family.

After the morning ceremonies, she left with her friends for the salon to get ready. In the hustle bustle, her mother forgot to ask her about her wedding dress.

After getting ready, her cousin would take her directly to the venue.

At the salon, she took out a picture from her purse and told the makeup artist to do a similar makeup and hairstyle. Her friends admired her. She looked stunning in her makeup and hair do. When she took out her wedding dress, her friends complimented her. It was extremely beautiful and different from the ones that they had seen so far. She looked gorgeous.

Her jewellery was even more beautiful and different.

She arrived at the venue and went to the room booked for her. Her mother came in to see her.

“Kanika!” Tears started flowing down her eyes as she looked at her. Her little doll had grown up so fast and looked perfect as a bride. Her beauty was beyond words. Then she noticed her wedding dress.

And here’s what, she was wearing a lehenga cum saree made of her own wedding saree.

“Kanika, what is this, you are wearing my saree. But why? Why didn’t you get a new lehenga made for yourself?” Asked her surprised mother.

“Mom, remember the day you put this saree on my shoulder. I could see in your eyes that you wanted to see me in that saree of yours. So, I decided on the same day that I would get it reshape and wear it on my wedding. I kept it a secret from you because I wanted to give you a surprise. It’s a from me to you. Something that both of us will remember and cherish in our hearts always. Mom, I could never ever express my gratitude and love to you as much as I have always felt. There will never be a gift so special for you which I can give to you express my love. So I thought that if I wear your wedding saree, it will always be special for both of you. Your special day and memories will become mine and mine will become yours. I hope you will understand and accept this little gift from my side.”

Her mother started crying. She hugged her tightly. Her little girl had grown up to become a beautiful human being. Her tears expressed her happiness for the wonderful gift her daughter gave to her.

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