In The Maze of Life

In The Maze of Life

Introducing, “In the Maze of Life”, my first published book which talks about love, life and relationships. My first book is very close to my heart. It is my first venture into the literary world as an author. With this book of mine I present to you a glimpse into the world of every ordinary woman for who love and relationships are the centre of her universe.

 In The Maze of Life is a bilingual short stories collection. It has 15 stories out of which 6 stories are in English and 7 are in Hindi. The stories are inspired by day to day incidences with which the reader can easily to. The characters belong to the modern day world and the stories are set in the current scenario.

Everyone is entangled in the complexities of relationships. Life itself is like a maze and we are all trying to find our way out; that is why the book is named as “In the Maze of Life”.

The genre of the book is contemporary fiction; it is based on the present day urban scenario. All the stories are woman centric where the main character is a woman. It deals with the ups and downs of the life of a woman who is performing various roles that of a daughter, a wife, a daughter-in-law and a mother. How a woman takes decisions based on her choices, her circumstances, her love and her loved ones is what my book is all about.

The paperback and e-book version of the book, In the Maze of Life, is available on Amazon. It is priced at INR 150.

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