Jai’s Assorted Tales by Sitharaam Jayakumar – Book Review

Jai’s Assorted Tales by Sitharaam Jayakumar – Book Review

Title: Jai’s Assorted Tales

Pages: 102

Author: Sitharaam Jaikumar

Format: Kindle

Where to get it from: Jai’s Assorted Tales

About the Author:  Sitharaam Jayakumar is an information Technology professional who has been working in the IT field for the past twenty-seven years. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi.  He joined the IT profession in 1991. He is a passionate reader of books on both fiction and non-fiction. He loves to write about anything that catches his fancy in everyday life. His repertoire includes articles on social issues, crime, women’s empowerment, fiction, and several other topics. He has penned two e-books in the thriller genre titled ‘Eighty Hours to Save Karen’ and ‘The Krishnapur Kidnappings’. These are available on Amazon. He has also published an e-book in the non-fiction genre titled ‘A to Z of Men and Women who excelled in Sports’. This is his fourth book. He is also a published poet.

About the book: Jai’s Assorted Tales is a collection of short stories.  It consists of stories from various genres like horror, science, humour, fiction and others. The book is divided into five sections- horror/thriller, science fiction/humour, science fiction/public welfare message, science fiction and miscellaneous and the last one being general.

My review: I liked the cover page which has the picture of a typewriter. It gives a retro feel with the grey background sets an eerie feel which heightened my curiosity. I liked the first section a lot and read it without putting it back. The thriller stories are highly engaging and each one of them has a very interesting plot. My favorite one from this section is “The Tree with a Hole”. It is written in the first person narrative and takes you in the mind of the person who commits the crime. The thrillers are psychological in nature which makes them more intriguing. The second section is humor which is in contrast with the first section. After the gripping and tensed first section, the next section sets a lighter mood. Science fiction combined with humor is a very different combination. The stories in this section are short, crisp and funny. I loved “The Five-Set Thriller”. The ending made me laugh my heart out. The stories in each section are very different from one another. The backgrounds and characters are all very unique. Overall, the book is a great read. It shows the writer’s grip over narratives and his different perspective. I never got bored and never found a dull moment anywhere in the book. I would like to recommend it to those who are looking for an interesting short stories collection to be read on a cozy evening.

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