Make Summer Days the Days of Fun Learning With These Fun Activities

Make Summer Days the Days of Fun Learning With These Fun Activities

Art and Craft Activities for Summer Holidays

It’s a big challenge to keep our little ones busy at home. Children these days are very smart and more aware than their previous generation. They are so active and bubbling with energy that it’s a real challenge to make them sit at a place for some time. A teacher by profession and a stay at home mom by choice, I always found art and craft activities as my best pal to keep the children busy in their free time both in classroom and at home.

Let me share a few such activities which we can enjoy and help our little ones learn at home: –

  1. Making “My Own Little Books”-

When my daughter was three years old, we created our very own book of textures by which I taught her not only about textures but also inculcated in her a love for books. We took small pieces of different materials like cotton cloth, aluminium foil, card board, wool, silk cloth and more such things having a different feel. We pasted them in separate sheets of paper and wrote all the words that sprang up in our minds under their names. For example- wool: shaggy, coarse, warm etc. We wrote words which related to their look and feel. We decorated the sheets and tied them together with ribbon.

This activity helped her in various ways. It helped in increasing her vocabulary, her knowledge related to various textures and materials, her creativity was enhanced and it directed her energy in the construction of an object as opposed to destruction which kids usually do.

Like this can be My Book of Birds, Insects, animals, numbers etc. In creating My Book of Birds and Insects, we included several other activities like picture colouring of birds, join the dots to make a bird, match the columns, odd one out etc. We pasted pictures of birds, their wings and learnt about their types. The best part of these activity is that it benefits a child in multiple ways.              

  1. Creating “My Best Mate- Dice”-

In this activity, we made a pair of dice. One can use a big cardboard box or paste cardboard sheets together to form a cube. Paste coloured paper on each side. With a coloured sketch pen write numbers or cut coloured paper in the shape of numbers and paste. Write the numbers from 0-5 on one dice and numbers 5-9 and 0 on the other dice. Various number games can be played with the help of these homemade dice. They can be used for teaching numbers, counting and recognition, big and small numbers, throw the dice and jump or clap according to that number, which number comes before and which comes after. It provides a fun activity at the same time increases their constructive abilities. One can think of more number games with these dice.

number dice

  1. Numbering the stairs-

Our house was at the second floor, we numbered all the stairs with paints. Learning numbers was so much fun with those numbered stairs. Any number of games could be played on those stairs. Of course, we need to be very careful while playing on the stairs but if played carefully and cautiously it can be great fun. Take a ball and tell the child to throw it on a specific number, go to this number or that, etc. If the child is old enough to be careful on the stairs then one can teach other mathematical concepts like forward counting, backward counting. The cardboard dice can also be used to play on numbered stairs. For example, throw the dice and tell the child to go to that number. Tell the child to do some funny action like clap his hands or roar like a lion as he reaches that specific numbered stair.

numbered stairs

These activities help in keeping the child away from the gadgets, it also helps in his all-round development, they allow learning by doing, provide concept clarity and fun while they learn. Although, it does take a lot of effort on a mother’s part but it does benefit the child in more than one way. I enjoyed doing these activities with my daughter and she had fun too. They also helped in building up our bond. On my part, I was teaching her; on her part, she was playing with me.

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