Making Kids Do Their Age Appropriate Tasks

Making Kids Do Their Age Appropriate Tasks

Our children will always be kids for us no matter how older they get. We love to pamper them and enjoy doing their work for them. We love to feed them even when they are capable of doing it on their own. However, it results in one big problem and that is their unwillingness to do anything on their own.

Being a mother makes us expert in multitasking, there are always thousands of chores to be done for us and we always have little time to finish everything. These days, there are servants in every house, as a result, we do not expect our children to do any of the household chores.

Kids these days are smart and are able to do much more, even then very little is asked from them when it comes to sharing responsibilities at home.

Many a times, it is our own laziness. We prefer doing all the work ourselves since it means that work done will be faster and to our satisfaction. But our goal is also to shape our children such that they take pleasure in contributing and taking up responsibilities. Although, making children do their age appropriate tasks would mean more work for the mothers but it is equally important for children to learn also.

We have to make them understand that everybody is responsible to clean up the mess that they’ve created. We can always give them a hand in cleaning and encouragement for doing it. If we support them in doing so, they will learn to take charge of their life.

If the rooms are messy, we immediately step up to clean it, which gives them a message that they can’t do it themselves. We must make them learn the responsibility for their actions, which will help them face many of the challenges later in life.

Initially, it seems hard as they will always find excuses of not doing any of the household chores. The best way is to do it is to make a schedule and practice it. Start by setting up the age appropriate tasks for the kids. We can also make a chart for it.

Set aside a few chores for the kids to do. The tasks should be such which should have an optimal level of difficulty. For this, there is a Goldilocks rule based on the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. It states that humans experience peak motivation when working on the tasks that are right on the edge of their current abilities. “ Not too hard, not too easy, just right.”

A few tips that can prove to be helpful in this regards are:

1. Start young-

Don’t think that they are too little to do any of the household chores. Even toddlers can perform simple tasks such as putting back their toys in place after playing.

2. Let them help-

Invite children to help you and let them learn that it’s a teamwork. It will help you spend time with them and a lesson for them to learn as to how to find a torch in a dark patch of life.

3. Show them the way-

Demonstrate and explain how to complete small tasks. Show them the right place of where the things belong.

4. Praise them-

Praise them while repeating the chores that they have performed, so that it doesn’t let them feel like work.

5. Don’t have high expectations-

When a kid does some chore, it may not be to your level of perfection. Don’t criticise. Recognise their efforts and the completion of task.

Assigning them and letting them do their age appropriate household chores will make them feel important. They will feel needed and helpful. If they learn to help now, they will be able to work hard in every field of their life later.

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