#Momspiration: From the Heart of a Son

#Momspiration: From the Heart of a Son


Moms are the greatest pillars of our lives. Whenever we are going through the low tides in our lives, we look upto them for support and strength. The dark passages in our lives are always lit up by their teachings. Moms never fail to inspire us. With their struggles, experiences, strengths and wisdom, they are always able to pull us up from the bottoms of the deepest miseries. They are the ones who always encourage us to look up and reach the skies.

Not only our own mothers, but every mother is extremely special and an equally miraculous creation of God. Every mother has her own unique journey of struggles and strengths. This Mother’s Day, I came across a very special story of a mother whom I always knew closely but never knew so much. The story comes from the heart of her son for whom she is an inspiration. Therefore, for this year’s #Mother’s Day and #Momspiration here is a special story from a son’s “dil se”.

My aunt got married at a very young age. Born and brought up in India, she moved abroad after her marriage. The shift was not only in terms of a country but an entirely different continent, an entirely different culture and a foreign language. With dreams in her heart of becoming an entrepreneur and support and encouragement from her husband, she opened a wool shop. After a couple of years, she transformed it into a video rental store. It was a very new business at that time in the early 80’s and she was the first one to open it in the area they lived in. She is a business visionary with constant successful ideas.

The Challenges:

Back in the 70’s, the world was not a cosmopolitan place. It was not easy to adjust into western lifestyle, culture, area and weather conditions. To live far away from her family and childhood friends is a big challenge. She raised 3 children with the help of her husband. In the present modern age, we find it difficult to have more than one child. We find it even more difficult to work outside our homes and give time to our children. But she raised 3 children that too while taking care of her business in a new foreign land. She had no backend support apart from her husband. Unlike nowadays, she did not have anybody from her family to come and live with her or support her in anyway. Despite all this, she remained close to her children.

The Struggle:

In the early 90’s, sky television began to gain popularity. They started having movie channels all day long for 7 days a week. These subscription channels started affecting the movie rentals in video stores. She had to introduce new products in the store to ensure her business doesn’t get affected. She always kept up with latest technology and latest trends. With her great business mind and an eye for details, she could run her business successfully.

A Loving Wife, A Doting Mother and A Constant Inspiration:

She has always stood by her husband and remains close to her kids. She has always encouraged her children to be what they want to be and provided guidance to them. She is extremely determined in everything she does and never gives up. Her positive attitude, patience to listen to everybody along with her wisdom makes her a great inspiration.

A few words written by another very special mother and a very dear friend of mine, Rashmi Anand, in her book, “Women of the Elements” are what I would like to quote here:

Within you is the power
To be all you want to be
Yours is the right to discover
To see all that you wish to see.
You make the ultimate choices
To achieve what you want to achieve,
Yours is the only decision
That guides your thoughts and beliefs.
There is a world you have to experience
There are emotions you must go through,
But through all you have to remember
The ultimate decision is made by you.
You have the spirit within
You have the power in you
The goddess within is the spirit
The ultimate power is you. – Rashmi





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