Mother Sparsh Water Wipes – A Product Review

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes – A Product Review


Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are the purest wipes I have used so far. They have extra moisture and do not cause any irritation on a baby’s skin. Baby’s skin is far more delicate and sensitive than an adult. Even while using a wet wipe one must be very careful. Many wipes have alcohol contents and have a soapy feeling which would make me worry about the effect of their chemicals on my baby’s skin.

Key ingredients:

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are enriched with Vitamin E. it has purified water, aloe-vera extract, glycerine and jojoba oil as its key ingredients. They are paraben and alcohol free. These are 98% water wipes.

Why Do I Recommend:

I remember when my children were born, my mother had given me a bag full of soft muslin cloth cut pieces which she had washed and sanitised at home very carefully. She told me to dip those muslin cloth pieces in water and use it as disposable wipes for cleaning my new born babies. These wipes are as good as a cotton ball or a soft muslin cloth dip in water. Now, when I use it for my toddler, I feel as if I am again using those muslin cloth pieces dipped in water that I used to do earlier.

Value for Money:

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are worth their price. It comes in a pack of 80 wipes and are reasonably priced. With the complete effectiveness that it provides, we just need to use one or two wipes at a time. So, a complete value of money.

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