My Baby’s First Bath Time Story

My Baby’s First Bath Time Story

After trying for a few months, when finally, we came to know that we are going to have a baby, our happiness knew no bounds. There were mixed emotions in me, sometimes I would be happy and sometime I would worry as to how I will take care of the baby. A few months went by, and I felt my baby’s kicks. My husband, putting a hand on my tummy said, “hi, darling, it’s your papa. Can you hear me?” To my amazement, there was a kick. Feeling thrilled, he continued, “come on, baby doll, give me a high five!” I interrupted, “it can be a boy.” To which he said, “don’t interrupt us, it’s me and my daughter’s time.” I felt tears rolling down my eyes, to see my husband transforming into a caring father. I felt assured and my worries immediately faded away. I knew I had my husband to depend upon.

Time flew by and I was taken to hospital. I remember, just after the delivery, doctor told me, “oh my god, you have such a beautiful baby girl!” One look at her face and I was dazed. She was so beautiful and delicate just like a cotton bundle. I slept peacefully.

 A few hours later, nurses came to take me to the room. One nurse was pushing my wheelchair and another one was carrying my baby. At the end of the corridor, all my family members were waving at us. My husband was there, eagerly waiting with a camera ready in his hands. He started clicking us, the excitement clearly visible in his eyes. He made me feel so special and important. In those dishevelled hair, hospital gown, tired and haggard as I was, I felt like a beauty queen walking on the ramp being clicked by photographers. He was constantly waving at me and showing me a thumbs up. His eyes saying it all.

He waited impatiently when he could take the baby in his hands as all the family members were admiring her. Finally, he got his chance, he took her carefully in his arms and sat down. He kept looking in her eyes and my little girl also kept looking at him. It was as if both of them were engrossed in deep conversation completely oblivious of the world. I still hold that moment dearly in my heart.

Papa’s darling followed him in the room with her sparkling eyes and papa enjoyed every bit of it. There was bountiful playfulness and glee all around.

It was time for her first bath one day and I was scared! I felt that she would slip from my hands. We had her baby bath tub, which we felt was too big for our cotton ball. My husband suggested that we should give her first bath in our bedroom, so I was asked to gather all the requisites there.

I spread her sheets on the bed, where there was a very gentle sunlight coming in from the window as if the sun was blessing and welcoming our baby in this beautiful world. My husband gave me another surprise by giving me a Johnsons and Johnsons baby bath collection. I felt a certain sense of togetherness and thanked God for blessing me with the baby and such a good husband. I gave her a very gentle massage with the baby oil, to which she responded happily.

There were three of us ready for our baby’s first bath; me, my husband and Johnsons &Johnsons. I tried to put her in her bath tub and she curled herself up, as if refusing to sit in it. Daddy dear got her cue and said, “I will hold her in my hands while you pour water.” Our naughty little princess settled herself happily in papa’s hands and started enjoying her new entertainment show being broadcasted by daddy. I felt confident now. My girl was completely at ease in her father’s hands and was ready for her first bath. Her first bath brought us all closer and bonded us as a family.

After the bath she looked all the more bright and beautiful, it was as if a little shining star was gleaming in our room. Our little shining star has filled our lives with her radiance and illuminated our world. Each day is filled by her smiles and laughter.


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