My Daughters My Pride

My Daughters My Pride

Why do I need to wear necklaces,

When I have the arms of my daughters around,

Why do I need any danglers,

When I have their chitter chatter about,

Why do I need any rings,

When I have their tiny fingers holding mine.


The two beautiful daughters of mine

Are far more precious than any diamond shine,

I don’t ever need any pearls,

I need not to wear any jewels,

Their sparkling smiles are my biggest treasure,

Their wonderful plays are my greatest pleasure.


One by one I hold them nearer,

So what if the world demands “the better”,

They are the better SUN than any SON,

Their talents are measurable to none,

They give so much love my heart can’t hold’

So pious are their hearts made of gold.


Easily I would say it to the world,

I am proud of my daughters,

Let the hanging heads mourn for “the good”,

Daughters are the blessing bestowed on you,

Thus, make merry and become joyous,

Be thankful to God for bringing His heiress.

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