My Diapering Journey: Trials and Errors to an Assured One With Pampers

My Diapering Journey: Trials and Errors to an Assured One With Pampers

My diapering journey during my elder one was that of trials and errors. Being a new mother I had no idea whether I should use cloth nappies or diapers? Is it alright to use a diaper twenty hours for the baby? Which brand is the best? Totally confused I tried almost everything. In the beginning, I used cloth nappies. For the initial days in summers it went fine. Since I was at home and looking after my daughter on my own, I managed somehow.

Then, came the most dreaded first winters of my baby. With winters on, I could not even think of cloth nappies. I then tried diapers of various brands, some would leak and some would cause rashes. Some were so expensive that changing them frequently would mean a hole in the pocket. Sometimes, when my husband offered to change her diapers, our baby’s kicks resulted in ripping off the tapes and my husband could not manage it.

My family planned a short trip to Vaishnodevi by train. I was much tensed. A friend of mine suggested nappy pads for my daughter. They were cheap but I had to change them frequently. I remember, we were going by train at night. I had to wake up after every 2-3 hours to change them for the fear of wetness. I could not sleep at night in train as I was constantly worried that the nappy pads might leak and she would get wet. With frequent changing of nappy pads, my daughter also couldn’t sleep comfortably at night and was very cranky. We reached our destination. But my lack of sleep at night and constant botheration with nappy pads did not let me enjoy my trip. It made my baby crankier. After that I decided to not go anywhere out for a vacation till the time she grows a bit more and gets toiled trained.

When she was a little older, I got Pampers Premium Pants. They helped me a lot. It made toilet training very easy. She did not get any rash and was very happy to wear it. Pampers Pants is more convenient to be worn by the baby and helps a lot during the toilet training period. It does not leak and there is no need to change it frequently. I could use it for her all through the day and night. She was a happy baby and I was a happy mother. Now, both of us could comfortably sleep at night and enjoy ourselves during the day.

When my younger daughter was born, I made up my mind that I would use Pampers Premium Pants only and nothing else. I used Pampers Pants for my younger one right from the very beginning. I was very sure from my past experiences that it would neither leak nor cause diaper rashes to my baby. My husband, who is a hands-on father, easily and conveniently changes the diapers of my younger one. It is no more a mess and does not have the inconvenience of tapes.

One day my husband planned a trip to Jim Corbett. I could recall my past experience but I was confident this time that Pampers diapers would not make my trip a nightmare. I went ahead with full confidence that I would not face those troubles any more. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. There were no hassles of diaper leaks or the need to change them frequently. My younger one remained comfortable throughout the trip and I was happy too.

Sometime back I switched to new Pampers Premium Pants. It is all the better. Let me tell you about its special features that makes it the best for your baby.

1. Soft breathable material

The material of the new Pampers Premium Pants is so soft and breathable that it kept my babies’ skin dry and soft and allows it to breathe.

2. All around waistband and soft cuffs

The all-around waistband and cuffs helps secure diapers around the baby’s waist comfortably. It does not restrict the movement of the baby. It is extremely comfortable to put on and can be taken off easily just like cloth pants.

3. Up to 12 hours of dryness

These pants are designed in such a way that it absorbs the liquid and quickly converts it into gel leaving the surface dry. The baby’s skin remained dry for as long as twelve hours. It also means that one needs only 2-3 diapers per day which makes them pocket friendly.

4. Body lotions

The core of the diapers and the inner layers are filled with body lotions which keeps the baby’s skin moisturized as well.

5. Wetness indicator

Now this is what I call an amazing feature! Pampers Premium Pants is a wetness indicator in these diapers which turns blue indicating it’s time to change the diaper.

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