Qualification: Post Graduate; Designation: Housewife? No! I am Much More

Qualification: Post Graduate; Designation: Housewife? No! I am Much More

Recently, we were applying for our daughter’s school admissions. The forms required parent’s qualification and designation as important areas to be filled in. when I started filling up the forms, I happily filled up my educational and professional qualifications but when it came to designation, my hands shivered. I paused for a minute. What should I fill in? Who am I? What am I qualified to do and what I am doing? What I am capable to do and what I am currently doing? What should I write? A Housewife? Am I just that? Is that what my qualifications stands for? What do I do all day?

As I thought about my glorious past and looked at my so called new designation of a ‘housewife’, the thoughts were enough to bring down my confidence below the sea level. But hold! Let’s take a closer look.  I study hard and practice each day the subject of health and nutrition for choosing the best diet and ingredients for my family.

I am learning to master the arts of managing income and expenditure and take care of every single penny. Thus, going deeper in the subject of Commerce and accounts. I am doing a practical research in the field of child psychology and sociology while dealing with two kids. How difficult that is I am sure every mom knows. Like every mom, I work for a minimum of 14 hours a day to upto 24 hours when someone falls sick. And only a mother can understand how challenging and difficult it is to perform all these tasks.

What do I earn? I earn lots of hugs and kisses from my two bosses (my little ones). And above all my mental satisfaction as I can perform all these tasks successfully.

So, all the housewives and stay at home moms like me, we are much more than simple housewives. Our house cannot run without us. Only we can attend to the needs and meet the expectations of our family members. Only we are the ones who can take care of every member of our house. Only we are the ones who can make sure that every member of the family is able to achieve their full potential by giving them our love, affection and care. 

All the lovely housewives and stay at home moms out there, motherhood itself is more than a full time job and the highest paid occupation in the world. It is the most challenging and interesting role that we can ever play.  The salary being the love and affection that we get from our children. The happiness to see them succeed and the satisfaction that it’s all worth it.

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