Say Goodbye to Flimsy, Leaky Disposable Tablewares With Greenfare Tableware

Say Goodbye to Flimsy, Leaky Disposable Tablewares With Greenfare Tableware

Recently, my daughter was required to bring disposable glasses for a school event.  I gave her small disposable glasses but was feeling sceptical as to how small kids will manage with those flimsy and leaky disposable tablewares.  Disposable table wares have become an essential part of our lives. Be it for birthday parties, school picnics, get together or travelling with kids. These are something that are slowly becoming a necessity for us.

Plastic disposable table wares are known for the potential threat they are causing to our environment and also for our health, whereas paper disposable are pretty flimsy and leaky. They often become a nuisance for the spillage that they cause. For some time I have been looking for some alternative which should be sturdy and eco-friendly too.
I came across a video which showed disposable table wares made from fallen palm leaves. What’s more they are made in our own country. No trees are cut or leaves taken from the trees but these are made from the leaves of palm trees which fall on the ground.

About Greenfare Disposable Tableware

When I came across Greenfare, a brand which makes disposable table ware from areca tree leaves, I immediately fell in love with their products. The disposable table wares are made out of dried and fallen leaves of areca trees. These table wares are stylish, sturdy and beautiful. These disposable wares are 100% biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly. They do not break even if they fall on the ground.

The best part is that they are chemical free, food safe, freezer safe and microwave safe. They come in beautiful shapes and the colour of natural areca leaves looks especially classy.

About the Founder

Harsha Sharma, the founder of Greenfare is a dreamer, a believer, dynamic and a sensitive person. Her love for Earth has incepted Greenfare.

What I love about the Products

I love these products for their sturdiness and the fact that they are biodegradable. Their quality is very good. They are made 100% naturally and are chemical free. They have a food box which comes with a lid. It can be used to carry dry snacks. The size of the wares is quite appropriate. So, we can now say goodbye to those flimsy and leaky plastic and paper disposable table wares and switch over to Greenfare disposable wares.

Where to buy them from

They are available on their official site:

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