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Motherhood – Where Every Phase Brings in a New Challenge #MondayMommyMoments


Motherhood is indeed a very challenging phase. It is a phase that changes a woman completely. So much so, that I cannot even recognise myself now. But there is one thing which I know about myself now and that is I am a mother. Before that I had many words in my dictionary to describe myself but now one word sums me up completely i.e. A Mother.

When my elder one was born, I used to think that perhaps handling a new born is the most difficult phase. Soon, she turned two and I felt “Oh My God! This is terrible.” Her tantrums were beyond control. I assured myself then that perhaps this is the most difficult phase. It will be better once she grows up a little.

Then, started her schooling. Every morning, half an hour used to be the crying time; “I don’t want to go to school!”

Again, I consoled myself, “This too shall pass”.

Ultimately, we sailed through. Now, again years have gone by, I am a mother of two now.  But Motherhood challenges seems to be unending.


The New Born:

Be it a new born baby or should I call “the new born mom”, this is the challenge where both simply do not know each other. How to do? What to do? At times, even “why am I here?” “why do I have to be surrounded in poops and vomits all the times?” “Can someone handle the baby while I can go peacefully to the loo?”

With a new born in hand, I often found myself clueless. “Is the baby alright while sleeping?” “Did I miss the sound of the burp?”

It’s okay moms. You are doing just fine and the baby is fine too. No need to stress yourself too much there.

Toddler Tantrums

Not only the terrible twos but my kids have been throwing tantrums much after that. I don’t know when they will stop doing so. They copy each other and follow each other’s footsteps just to get our attention. For handling a toddler, one needs to be a pro in diverting the kid’s attention.

The Fussy Eater

Another big challenge for a mom is too deal with the fussy eating habits of her child. Whatever is served to them will rarely go down their tummies. I remember how I ended up over eating myself with the leftover food of my kids and resulted in few extra kilos of weight on myself.

Then spotting a pigeon in the balcony came to my rescue. I would love to thank all the pigeons and crows that perched my balcony when my toddler would throw a tantrum while eating. Spotting a pigeon always helped me in diverting her attention and make her eat a bite or two.

The Pre-Schooler and the Senior School Going

Now, when one of my girls is going to Grade 4 and another one is in kindergarten, managing their studies at the same time becomes a challenge. At the time when I was not a mother, I could easily handle 40 students in my classroom. Now, teaching two at home has become terrible.

You keep any number of stationery and still the eraser is forever missing. All the sharpened pencils suddenly lose their tips.

Patience, Patience and some more Patience

In between all these challenges, one thing which goes amiss is your patience. The biggest challenge then becomes is to take hold of your sanity and patience. Once you get hold of it, other things start falling in place.

So, all the mommies out there, what are your challenges in this beautiful journey of motherhood? Do share with me.

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