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The Seductress (A Story)

“Prashant, I am planning to go to Bombay next month for my delivery. It will be difficult for me to manage the baby alone. You can’t take leave from your shop and I need to have rest after the delivery,” Shibani asked Prashant.

“Alright Shibani, I think that will be better. Mom and dad will look after you well and I will also come I whenever I can. I will make all the arrangements,” Prashant replied.

Prashant gave a kiss on her forehead and left her for his footwear showroom.

Shibani picked up the phone and dialed a number, “Hello, ma! How are you? I have spoken to Prashant and he has agreed. It is getting difficult for me to manage everything all alone. I am still not able to find a good and reliable maid who can manage all the housework…Don’t worry I am taking care of myself and the baby. Where is papa? Ok, bye, will talk to you after some time.”

Shibani kept the phone on the table and started doing her household chores. The doorbell rang, it was Bhumi, her house help.

In the evening, Prashant came back from his showroom. He hugged his wife and said, “Shibani, I have made all the arrangements. Your tickets are confirmed for the first of next month. I will miss you, sweety. You know I can’t live without you and our baby. I will join you in the second week of the month. I have spoken to Mr. Lal, he will take care of the showroom in my absence.”

It was the first of May, Shibani was to leave for the airport.

“Shibani, let’s go, we have to reach the airport in time,” Prashant called her. “Baby, promise me you will take good care of yourself and our baby. I will miss you a lot.” Prashant hugged her and spoke softly.

“I know Prashant, even we can’t live without you. Please come soon,” Shibani replied lovingly.

Shibani was thinking about their college days in the flight. Almost, everyone in Hindu College knew about their affair. Prashant and Shibani were the most beautiful couple in the college. Even their parents were family friends and had no objection to it. Prashant’s father had a well-reputed footwear showroom in South Delhi Market.  Her friends told her how lucky she was to have Prashant by her side. Prashant loved her immensely and would do anything for her.

Shibani was smiling to herself when the announcement of the flight getting landed in Mumbai Airport was made.

“Mom, dad!” she waved at her parents after coming out of the airport.

In due course of time, Shibani delivered a baby boy. Prashant had come to Mumbai, keeping his promise. Their happiness knew no bounds. Prashant’s parents also came to Mumbai to see their grandchild and there was a grand party to welcome the first grandson of both the families. Prashant left for Delhi to join back his business. His parents went back to Jammu where they had got another house for themselves after settling down Prashant in their business.

It was a usual day in the showroom. A woman in a red coat entered the showroom. She looked gorgeous in bright red lipstick and high heeled sandals. She started looking at the shelves and picked up a red high heeled shoe.

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“I would like to try this,” she spoke to the salesman attending her.

After trying the shoes, she came to the counter where Prashant was sitting to make the payment. She kept looking at Prashant while he was making the bill. He felt awkward with her deep gaze. She winked at him and gave him her business card while making the payment.

Prashant followed her with his eyes as she went out of the showroom.

Sleep failed to come to his eyes since the sight of the woman in the red coat was not ready to leave them. His was still thinking about her as he lay in his bed at night. He picked up the card which he had kept along with his phone.

“Sabina, so that’s her name,” he thought.

He picked up the phone and dialed a number, “Hi, handsome. I knew you will call,” the voice seemed to be laden with honey as the lady on the other side of the call spoke. “I will wait for you at 7 in the evening at the given address and she hung up the phone. Prashant could not even get chance to utter a word.

“Mr. Lal, I have an urgent meeting with a new supplier this evening. I will be leaving early. Would you, please, take care of the showroom in my absence?” Prashant spoke to Mr. Lal and left at 6 in the evening.

The address was in a plush colony of G.K. He parked his car outside the bungalow. He rang the bell and saw Sabina standing as the door opened.

She welcomed him in the friendliest way. Time supposed to have stopped, he seemed to have been completely taken in by her charm. He was so mesmerized by her, that he did not even realize how much he drank and how many hours he spent with her.

He rubbed his eyes and looked around, still dazed. It was early morning and he found himself in Sabina’s bedroom. She was sleeping by his side. When, how, where… he did not remember anything.

He gathered up his belonging and quickly left the place.

Shibani and Aarav came back and he felt happy again with his son and wife. He decided to forget about the incident and not to tell anything about it to anyone. However, the guilt kept pricking him.

Time flew and suddenly Prashant’s health started deteriorating. They could not understand what was wrong with him. They consulted a doctor and underwent the tests and examinations as prescribed by the doctor.

The reports came in.

“AIDS, I am sorry to say Prashant that your reports have confirmed it,” Dr. Gujral told him.

“What? How on earth is that possible doctor,” Shibani spoke in disbelief.

Their world had seemed to have got shattered. She looked questioningly at him.

Prashant failed to meet her eyes. His memory took him back to that fateful night.

“Shibani, I need to tell you something…” he stuttered.

“It was when you had gone to Mumbai for your delivery, Sabina had come to our showroom…” Prashant narrated the incident to her looking down all the while. He did not have the courage to hold it to himself anymore. “Shibani, don’t misunderstand me. It was a mistake…an accident…I did not mean to do it. I could never cheat on you. I love you and Aarav deeply and can’t live without you.” He broke down as he spoke.

“It’s all over now, Prashant.” Shibani got up and left the room.

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Time for You, Too: Self-Care Tips and Advice for New Parents

Today’s post is a guest post by a co-author, Janice Russell.

About The Author

Janice Russell believes the only way to survive parenthood is to find the humor it. She created so that parents would have a go-to resource whenever they needed a laugh, but also to show parents they aren’t alone. She wants every frazzled parent out there to remember that for every kid stuck in a toilet, there’s another one out there somewhere who’s just graced their parents’ walls with some Sharpie artwork!

Time for You, Too: Self-Care Tips and Advice for New Parents

Caring for a newborn is an all-encompassing responsibility that leaves little time for anything else, making it extremely hard to find time for yourself. And yet, as a new parent, your ability to provide adequate care depends in large part on your health and emotional state. That’s why self-care is so important. If you’re breastfeeding, getting enough sleep and time for yourself helps with milk production, keeps up your energy level, and helps you better cope with depression. When you’re a busy new parent, self-care needs to be a concerted effort. There won’t be many opportunities to go for a long walk, take a restful and undisturbed nap, or read a book. Remember, if you don’t make time, there will never be time.

Sleep groove

When it comes to self-care, sleep should be your first priority. It helps keep your immune system strong and makes it possible to keep up with those 3 a.m. feedings. Finding the time to get regular sleep is key, so figure out a way to schedule time for sleep based on your baby’s rhythms and tendencies. Try not to think of sleep as something you can continue to do for seven to eight hours at a time. For new mothers, it’s more realistic to get two or three hours here and there throughout the day when your baby’s sleeping, or when your partner can take over for a while. You’ll feel more refreshed than if you work in a long stretch every couple of days, and little else in between.

Find a confidant

New moms need someone to share experiences and frustrations with, someone who can provide advice and moral support when you hit a rough patch. You can usually find a community of new mothers to share with at a local baby store, or a website such as Meet Up. No one understands what you’re going through quite like another new mom.

Time off

Every new mom needs a little “me” time to recharge her mental batteries and process the experience of motherhood. There won’t be time for much self-indulgence in the first few weeks after giving birth, so find time to get away with friends, relax at a local bookstore, or get some “retail therapy” once you and your baby have established your sleep and feeding patterns. Make an arrangement with your husband, or ask a family member to babysit now and then so you can do some meaningful unwinding.

Do what you do

A major part of self-care is making time to do things and go places that make you happy. That could mean attending a yoga class, meeting friends for coffee (decaf, of course), or taking a stroll in your favorite park. Some new moms spend time meditating to restore a sense of inner peace and relieve some of the stress that often comes with motherhood. It’s important to deal with stress in positive, healthful ways rather than turning to an addictive substance, especially if you’re still breastfeeding. Try different approaches for finding the time: Get up earlier in the morning, or arrange things so that you can take the night off once a week.

Get moving

The emotional and physical benefits of getting exercise every day are well-known. Health care professionals recommend getting 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Obviously, that won’t be possible in the first few weeks after giving birth. When you’re physically ready, try going for a walk on your lunch break, climb stairs instead of taking the elevator, ride a stationary bike, or do some resistance exercises at home when you have the time.

There’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself once you’ve given birth. In fact, it’s important for you and your newborn. Don’t feel guilty about asking for help or setting aside some time just for yourself.

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Five Reasons to Put Those Phones Away When with Your Child


Let’s admit, we are all caught up in the world of technology. We live, eat, breathe and think with our smartphones literally. These smartphones have created a bubble around us. We are caught up in those bubbles so badly, that we have been completely absorbed in them. It’s not just the children who are addicted to screens. Parents are more often spending all their precious time swiping the screens of their smartphones. To ‘connect’ more with our friends staying far of, we have disconnected with our family members staying ‘with us’.

These days, parents are so soaked up in the digital world, that they are often not present even when they are with their children. Children who always crave for the attention and affection of their parents often feel neglected when they see their parents using smartphones. Parents who are talking on the phone while they are with their children are not actually present with them. Parents who are talking on the phone while having dinner or while the child is playing next to them are not there with the children.


Here are five reasons why we should put those smart phones away and break the bubble of technology:

  1. Children need our attention to build their self- esteem. Paying attention to their smallest efforts means they will push themselves to the next level.
  2. Our positive attention helps them become emotionally stronger. When we put our phones down to talk to them about what they are doing, they feel more secure and confident.
  3. Our eye contact, little gestures, expression and verbal conversation helps a lot in the development of little children. Children learn more from their conversation with their parents. They feel more secure with the warmth and care of their parents rather than watching videos on the screens.
  4. Language development increases with one to one conversation. Our conversation with our kids stimulates their curiosity and increases their brain power. They learn new words and build their vocabulary when they converse with their parents.
  5. Our priority is our children and not our smartphones. Today, if we do not listen to our children, tomorrow they will not be with us when we would like to hear from them. Relationships build over a period. Our relationship with our kids will build only when we are present with them and paying attention to them physically and mentally.

So, for the sake of our children and their bright future, let’s break the bubble of technology and put those gadgets away.