I sit in my haven and look the sky, it is clear, it is blue.

A few clouds occupy the space where I used to be,

They move freely and I yearn to be with them,

But Alas! I am caged.

I sit in my shelter and look out,

They come and tease me and I roar,

They throw pebbles and garbage at me,

But Alas! I am chained.

I swim in my small tank,

They come and look at me,

They mock at me by knocking at the glass,

But Alas! I am captured.

I look out of the window,

The empty streets, the empty roads,

The place where I used to be,

But alas! I am quarantined.

The thrill and the curse

I look at the empty road outside, my fast car standing there, the clear sky with birds flying around.

The road and my fast car, which was my life till now, it’s all there, standing still, waving at me and asking me to come back.

I knew the warning, the curse was spreading, but I chose to ignore it.

For the thrill of driving my car on a long road, with a can of bear and loud thumping music meant everything to me.

I took the keys, hit the road and went straight to the bar.

Alas! Now I am here! Cursed! Isolated!

Diary of a murderer

I was driving in the rented black Honda city . The stretch was long, narrow and lonely. It was 3:00 am. I did not know where I was going or why for I had drunk rather heavily at night.
The rough road led the car jerk and I heard thumping from the back of the car.
I pulled up the car at a side thinking the tyre must have flat and decided to check.
The tyre was fine but the boot was open.
I opened and found a trunk inside.
Cut pieces of a human body…Blood dripping…
The effects of alcohol were gone…
I sat down and broke..
In a fit of anger, I had murdered her…

Write Tribe

This post is a written for Day 2 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words June 2018