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I had become very tired of my looks and was looking for some change. Having worked as a hairstylist myself and been in the beauty industry for more than a decade, I am extremely conscious about the health of my hair and avoid getting chemical treatments done on my hair.

Hair are a very important part of beauty and a good hairstyle goes a long way in making your style statement. Also, at the same time, we easily become tired of carrying the same hairstyle for a long time. Especially during the wedding season, when one has to attend a number of functions, we need a new hair style for every function. While surfing the net and looking for some new hairstyling options, I came across Divatress.com. Divatress, is a company that sells thousands of wigs and hair care products.


The idea of hair braiding and trying different braids and curls really struck with me. I always find curls and braids more fascinating since I have straight hair. They make the hair look thicker, voluminous and more glamorous. But braiding or curling your own hair is really time consuming. Divatress offer crochet braids hair which can be easily installed in your own hair. They merge in the hair beautifully and look absolutely natural. 


Why Crochet Braids

1.  Easy to use-

        Crochet braids can be easily installed in your own  hair with the help of a crochet needle.

2.  Less time consuming-

It takes less time than braiding your own natural hair.

3.   Variety of hairstyles-

There is a huge variety of crochet braids ranging from pre-braided and twisted-style to wavy and curly styles along with different colour options too.

4.   Hassle free hairstyles-

Crochet braid is completely hassle free way of changing your hairstyles.

5.   Safe for hair-

There is no chemical treatment or heat treatment involved in the process. So, you can have any colour or any kinds of curls in your hair without having to worry about the hair getting damaged.



So, whether you are a stay at home mom and looking for some change in your hairstyle or are a professional who needs to change her looks every now and then, go ahead for crochet braids hair and look glamorous this summer.  Crochet braids hair is for everybody who wants to experiment with their looks and is looking for a change in hairstyle.


A Complete Guide to Deal With Frizzy Hair During Monsoons

During monsoons, it is easy to get frizzy hair, hair fall and fungal infections in hair. Back to the time when I was running a salon, almost every client of mine had queries regarding hair problems especially during this season.

They were greatly benefitted by the tips that I shared with them. I am sharing here those views and tips that helped my clients deal with frizzy hair in monsoons.

1. Oiling

Applying hair oil before every wash becomes a must in this season. Try to apply oil at least once a week. You can apply any oil of your choice. For my personal use, I used to mix mustard oil, coconut oil and amla oil in equal quantities. I used to make a bottle of this and keep it for regular use. Another very beneficial hair oil is Bhringraj oil. It is an ayurvedic oil and prevents hair fall.

2. Hair Brushing

Use a good hair brush and dry your hair naturally after wash. Avoid using hair dryer in this season. Detangle the hair with a zee comb or with fingers very gently. Use a big soft brush to smoothen your tresses.

3. Conditioners

If oiling is not your choice, then go in for conditioners. A good variety of conditioners are available in the market to suit your hair type. It is always advisable to buy from a known brand. While applying hair conditioners, take care of using it in right quantity and rinse it well after use to avoid your hair look oily.

4. Anti-frizz hair care products

Various hair care products are available to prevent hair frizz. Products like Livon, can be applied before using flat irons to straighten your hair. It helps preventing hair frizz.

5. Home Remedies

There are many home remedies which help in managing hair and preventing hair frizz.

a) Curd and Fenugreek seeds

Take one spoonful of powdered fenugreek seeds and mix it well in one cup full of curd. Keep aside this paste for half an hour. Apply this paste from roots to the length and keep it for half an hour. Rinse it off with water. Brush the hair thoroughly after drying to remove all the residue. It gives natural bounce and thickness to the hair. It does not make hair oily.

b) Gram flour and curd

Mix one teaspoon of gram flour in one cup of curd. Make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your hair and rinse them thoroughly with water. Once the hair gets dried, brush them to get rid of any residue.

c) Beer

Got any leftover beer in an open can. Find it useful for your hair. Take the leftover beer and mix it in water. Mix one unit of leftover beer with twice the amount of water. Use this solution to give your hair a last rinse after shampoo. It helps prevent hair frizz and benefits greatly while styling your hair.

d) Vinegar solution

Dilute vinegar in water. Taking one teaspoonful of it in one glass of water. After washing the hair with shampoo, give a last rinse to them with this solution.

e) Amla powder

Mix one to two teaspoon of amla powder in one glass of water. Keep it for two hours. After washing hair with shampoo, rinse them with this amla solution. It prevents hair fall and hair frizz.

I have tried all these methods myself and have seen great difference in my hair. No more bad hair days in monsoon with this complete hair care guide for monsoons.

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