Adventures in Farland by Moshank Relia: A Book Review


About the Book:

Adventures in Farland is a book written for young readers between the age group of 6-15. The book is based on fantasy fiction. The story revolves around a young girl called Mira who chances upon to meet, Bushy from Farland and is invited to the New Moon Party by Princess Harmonica. Farland is a magical place about which Mira has heard stories from her mother. The gnomes, the fairies, the toads, the eagles and many other strange characters live in Farland.

Mira gladly accepts the invitation and is taken to Farland by Starlight, the best pilot of Farland. It was like a dream come true for her. She was travelling to a place she had heard about in the stories and was believed to be a fairy-tale. It was then that her adventures begin. She comes to know how the land of Farland is under danger by a witch who wants to destroy everything. Even though, she is a complete stranger to the place, Mira agrees to help the people of Farland. During her mission to save the land, she visits some of the most fascinating places and meets some of the strangest creatures. Will she be able to save the beautiful land of Farland?

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Characters of the Book:

The book portrays some very interesting and magical creatures. The Characters are very interesting, curious and relatable.  The character of Bushy, for example, is very strange too. He has a bush on his head instead of hair.

The character of Mira is portrayed as a beautiful, brave and kind hearted girl. She thinks wisely and acts bravely even at the most crucial moments.  She remains calm and composed throughout her adventures.

Mira was accompanied by her two friends, Vira and Bira, the twin brothers who constantly kept quarrelling. They were turned into rats by Bushy so that they do not disturb the party.

Some other interesting characters of the book are Starlight, Queen Halo, Princess Harmonica, Ugly the Giant and the Windman.

The Narrative Style:

The narrative of the book is very gripping from the beginning till the end. The imagery used in the book is very vivid providing enough room for imagination to the young readers. The imagery used is very descriptive and vivid. The reader can visualise the story very clearly. The language used is very simple with some new words to enhance the vocabulary of its targeted audience. The use of song in the train sequence helps lighten the tension building up during the sequence of events. The element of suspense holds the curiosity of the readers till the very end. There is never a dull moment during the flow of the storyline. The story comes with morals too by the way of the characters. The way the twins were punished and turned into rats and the way Mira acted bravely and wisely provides a lesson to the young readers.

About the Author:

The book is written by Moshank Relia, a graduate in English literature with a love for children and story writing. Moshank is passionate about photography and trekking and holds certificate in creative writing, theatre and sketching. It is the first book written by him. His art of storytelling and the ability to hold his audience can well be seen in the book. The way he has crafted the story and the sequence of events in the book makes the reader asking for more.

I am very thankful to him for providing me with an opportunity to review his book. The minute I started reading the book, I could not put it down. It was almost as if I could see it happening right in front of me, making me a part of the journey.   When I told my daughter about the storyline of the Adventures in Farland, she became very excited. She is asking me for the book everyday which shows the suitability of the book for its aimed readers. The book is sure to capture the imagination and curiosity of the children. I am eagerly looking forward for the launch of the book on Amazon on the 19th of this month.








Fodder for Young Minds: The Child City Magazine

I remember, during my childhood, I used to dig myself in storybooks and children’s magazines. Nandan and Champak used to be my all-time favourites. Their comic strips, illustrations, stories and activities would keep me occupied for hours. Parents also, used to be happy to see us occupied in a constructive way. Their content used to be a parent’s delight too. Sometimes, during the weekends, my parents would get involved with me and do the activities provided in these magazines.

I have plenty of books for my kids, story books, picture books and board books to create their interest in reading. But I was missing that pleasure which I used to find in these monthly magazines. There was a certain curiosity and interest. We used to wait eagerly for the next issue of the magazine as soon as we finished one. I was looking for some good monthly magazine for my kids which could provide the same curiosity and interest to them.

Recently, I came across Child City Magazine, which is a digital magazine for kids. It is print friendly, which means we can give them a printed version any time we want. The child city magazine is a very thoughtful one. The content is curated taking care of all the details. The magazines provides food for young minds. Each and every section is interesting, informative and inspiring.

This year we witnessed the total solar eclipse. The Child City Magazine has incorporated a video coverage of this great event in their September issue. The video shows this majestic event in a beautiful way.

The magazine features a very interesting story for children “The Invisible King of the Jungle”. I enjoyed reading it as much as my kids. The Curious Club section features an interesting Trivia Byte giving young learners information regarding Escape Velocity in a very easy to understand manner.

The magazine also and Inspiration corner where it provides information about Teacher’s Day and Dr Radhakrishnan.

The magazine covers almost all the aspects. It has a section for current affairs, sports, riddles, jokes, vocabulary corner, sports and a lot more. My favourite part in the magazine is the last section where it gives a very interesting outdoor game for kids. Kids these days are spending more and more time in front of gadgets and lesser time plating outdoors. This last section of the magazine brings to them a very interesting game called “Kukumi” which they can play outdoors with their group of friends.

The magazine brings the kids very good content in a very interesting way. The pictures are very colourful and bright. Each and every page is beautifully created with pictures, colourful text and different fonts. So, if you are looking for information and entertainment for your kids, The Child City Magazine is the complete answer.

Subscribe to The Child City Magazine to provide fodder for the curious minds. To subscribe log onto:


Mother Sparsh Product Review

Nowadays, the markets are flooded with a range of baby products. We can see newer brands coming up every other day in Baby Bath range. Recently, I got a chance to try Mother Sparsh Baby Bath Range. I had tried Mother Sparsh Lal Tail earlier and quite liked it, so I was convinced to try more products from the same brand. The brand provides 100% Ayurvedic products. The products are parabens free, phthalates free and thus “worry free”.

Mother Sparsh Baby Bath range comprises of Baby Powder, Baby Soap, Baby Body Wash and Baby Lotion. Every child is different and has different skincare requirements too. Based on the skin type of the baby one can choose which product to go in for from this range.

Mother Sparsh Baby Soap

Mother Sparsh Baby Soap has olive oil and almond oil as its key ingredients. It has all the natural ingredients and is 100% chemical free. It cleanses and moisturises the body well. Kids spend a lot of time in bathing and love to play in water, Mother Sparsh Baby Soap remains gentle on their delicate skin.

A very reasonably priced one, it comes in the shape of a rectangular white bar of 75 grams priced at INR 48.

It is available on their official site as well as leading e commerce sites.


Mother Sparsh Baby Powder

Mother Sparsh Baby Powder is enriched with Tulsi and Aloe Vera. It is 100% Ayurvedic. The key ingredients are Tulsi, neem and ghritkumari. A very soothing powder on baby’s delicate skin. The fragrance is long lasting and refreshing. It keeps the baby’s skin dry and sweat free during the summers and monsoons. It prevents the itchiness caused by sweat in the summer heat.

The beautiful white 100 gm bottle is priced at INR 62. It can be purchased from their official website as well as on leading e commerce sites.

Mother Sparsh Baby Body Wash

I liked the Baby Body Wash which has the no tears formula. It is parabens free and silicon free. The key ingredients of this product are Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Neem and Haldi. It is very mild and gentle.  It does not make the skin dry after bathing. The sweet fragrance is quite long lasting.

The price for a 100ml bottle is about INR 85 which makes it extremely pocket friendly.

Mother Sparsh Baby Lotion

My personal favourite in this range is the Baby Lotion. The key ingredients of this product are Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Wheat Kernal Oil and Fruit Oil. It spreads easily and gets quickly absorbed. It helps in making the baby’s skin soft and supple. It moisturises the skin thoroughly and leaves a lasting fragrance.

It comes in a beautiful white bottle of 100 ml which is priced at INR 85.





Mother India and Dangal: Role Models For Every Parent

We all have seen the Indian classic movie, Mother India. Radha, the female protagonist goes through many hardships to bring her two sons on her own. But later, when her son, Birju, tries to kidnap Sukhilal’s daughter on the day of her wedding, Radha herself shoots him. A mother who sacrifices so much for her sons was the first one to punish him, when he disrespects a girl. Motherhood did not come in the way of justice. Loving her child is one thing but justice is another thing. We get blinded by our love for our kids and overlook their mistakes and ill treatment towards others.  

In our Indian society, son’s are often treated as Gods. They are forgiven for every small or bigger mistakes that they do. We have often read how teenagers involved in hit and run cases are left without any punishment as their parents go to any extent to save them. They get blinded in their love for their children and forget justice.

Boys and young men who mistreats their female counterparts are very often justified by saying, “ ladke to masti karte hi hain , ladkiyon ko sambhal kar rehna chahiye.”( boys like to have fun, girls should be careful). This attitude encourages the boys to go to any extent and do whatever they feel like with girls. When they see their parents supporting them and coming out to save them from legal punishments, they become bold to commit bigger crimes.

If the mothers of boys punish them for their ill treatments towards girls, they will learn not to go further next time. If mothers become as strong as Radha,in Mother India, no boy will dare to trouble any girl. The recent Bengaluru incident shows that men are becoming fearless, they know that nothing will be done to them even if they take the liberty to do anything with women anywhere.

This fearless attitude and excessive freedom comes from their homes where they are treated as superior and let go for any of their mistakes. This incident is big slap on our society. How we are bringing up our boys? What are we teaching them? How can they dare to go to such an extent? They are not afraid of their parents. They are not afraid of police. They do not have any values.

On the other hand, the movie Dangal, shows a father who goes against the society to make his girls wrestlers. He is extremely strict with his girls and despite their resentment , he makes them strong and at par with the boys. He strongly believes that girls are no less than the boys. Every father must make his girl strong and bold enough to face the challenges of life. Girls are often taught to be submissive and are made to believe that they are not as strong as boys. This makes them helpless in situations like Bengaluru New Year incident.

I appreciate Mr Akshay Kumar when he says that girls do not need to think of themselves as weak. With a few martial arts techniques they can easily defend themselves and teach the boys a lesson who come to touch them without their consent. He is extremely right to say that once our girls decide to fight back, no boy will ever dare to even look at them.

If fathers become like Mahavir Phogat and Akshay Kumar and make their girls strong enough to defend themselves, no boy will be able to even think of coming near them.

The two protagonists, Radha and Mahavir Phogat, set a very good example for all the parents in a way that in the present scenario where we see boys disrespecting girls and especially the Bengaluru New Year incident , it is very important to punish our boys severely when they do something wrong and make our girls so strong that they can easily defend themselves and beat the molesters easily .

Mother Sparsh Lal Tail Review

Massaging a new born is a very special time to bond with a new born baby. Baby massage helps a mother and a baby to understand each other. Massaging benefits a baby in several ways. It helps the baby connect with his mother by way of touch. The baby feels pampered and smiles all the way which is a very special moment. Massaging if fun and relaxing both for the mother and the baby.  It helps the baby to sleep for a longer time. It is a way of expressing love for the babies.

Ayurvedic Lal tail has always been known to promote the natural growth of the baby. Mother Sparsh brings to us a Lal Tail which is enriched with the goodness of Ayurvedic Herbs. It helps strengthen the bones and muscles. It contains sesame oil which helps improve blood circulation in the body. It is very nourishing and helps in the natural body growth. It is 100% ayurvedic and parabens free.

Recently, my daughter met an accident and got her foot fractured. After her plaster was removed, she started going for her sports classes and school. At night, she would complain of pain her foot. I started massaging her foot gently with Mother Sparsh Lal Tail at night. In a few days, her pain was gone. The scar left by the accident on the foot also started fading. She started regaining her muscular strength in her fractured foot. The oil helped her sleep comfortably at night. The warmth of the oil is very relaxing and soothing.

The oil spreads easily which leads to a good massage. It gets quickly absorbed by the skin and makes it soft and supple. After experiencing myself and noticing its benefits, I would strongly recommend it to others.