Teach the Way a Child Learns

Teach the Way a Child Learns


One of the very common cause of concern for every parent is the education of their children. They begin to worry about their “studies” almost as soon as the child enters a school. Parents spend their precious time and money for their children’s education but still get this feeling that their child “does not study properly”.

The problem is not in the child for not showing an interest in his studies but the problem is that we as parents or teachers are not able to understand and identify his way of learning.

Every child is born with unique traits and learning abilities. Each child has his or her own preferences for learning environment also. Some children prefer studying alone in peace, while some others would prefer group study. Instead of pressurising a child to learn certain concepts in a particular manner, we must, at first, try to identify his learning style, preferences and abilities. A child should be taught not in a way that we know but in a way that he learns and understands.

What are these learning abilities?

Some children learn by way of listening and some by observing others. Some children learn by way of performing an activity, while some others learn by repeating the words they listened. Once we identify the learning style of our kids, I think half of the work is done because, when we know how the child will learn, we can easily adopt various methods of teaching a child. The role of a teacher is to facilitate a child in learning and not to enforce his style of teaching on the child.

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Planning Activities

After getting to know the learning style of your child, we should try to change our teaching methodology as per the abilities of the child. We can try to plan activities for him. Activities can be planned in a way that should be according to the age group of your child and should be of interest to him. The concepts to be taught can be easily incorporated in these activities

How to identify a child’s learning abilities

Aviva India has come up with an online program to help parents in discovering the learning style of their children. It is called Kid-o-land. The program provides iCan, which is a proprietary assessment tool. It is developed with the help of psychometrics. This tool is designed for 7-9 years of children and helps parents identify their child’s inclinations, learning style and the preferred learning environment.

It has three sections in the test. I took the test myself for my daughter. After answering all the questions, it sends you the report of the test. Once, you get the report, you can go back to the platform where it provides you with various activities according to the learning style of your child. The activities are very helpful and can be done easily. They do not require much preparations and provides loads of learning too in a child friendly day.

Like it is said, “The sooner, the better”; we must try to identify our children’s learning abilities the sooner, for we can start planning for his future in a better way. For this, Aviva also offers tailor made child plans which can assist a parent to start planning for his future. With the help of tailor made activities and child plans, all I can say is no more worries about the studies and the future of our children. I have made my plans already, so what are you waiting for?

This is a sponsored post but the views and thoughts expressed are my own. This post was also featured in MyCity4Kids.

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