The Dawn Of My Life

The Dawn Of My Life

It’s always a pleasure to find oneself getting featured in a magazine. I feel honoured to have got a feature in a woman’s digital magazine called Womanza. I really feel glad that my story is helping others get some inspiration in life.

Read my stroy here: Womanza Stories

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “ I will try again tomorrow”.That’s the story of Vidhi Duggal…a beautiful woman who exemplifies beauty, talent and courage. Let’s hear an inspiring account from Vidhi who wants to tell every woman to believe in herself and be unstopable. So start where you are, use what you have and do what you can.

“Life offers many challenges and brings many phases. In every phase, the challenge is to adapt and shine in it. Life never remains the same. The journey of life is full of new twists and turns. The ups and downs of life changes us and we emerge as a new persona.

This is what happened with me. I grew up watching my mom working diligently in her salon. My eyes opened with the aroma of cosmetics and colours. I grew up only to develop a passion for cosmetics and the enthusiasm for haircuts and styles. A chance to attend a seminar by Sunsilk India where famous hairstylist of that time shared their expertise in this field fascinated me to become a hairstylist. The love for colours and creativity led me to pursue professional courses from the well-known institution Pivot Point India by Mrs Blossom Kochhar and Alps by Mrs Bharti Taneja. My nights were spent in dreaming about new makeup techniques and creating new hair styles. Education goes side by side; I did teachers training as back up for a career line.

Marriage brings in new zeal and enthusiasm, a new beginning, a new life. I found myself in the company of my beloved life partner, who has since been my pillar of strength.

I started working as a teacher for some time…and then my first baby was born in 2008. A delicate pearl in my arms made me a mother and to look after her was my first priority.  My dreams of becoming a makeup artist were still pushing me towards my salon. I gave up teaching profession and started working in my mom’s salon. I pursued my dreams and worked with all the passion and hard work. I started gaining recognition and could establish my name. This was the peak in my career.

Managing work and home is a big challenge in itself. The pressure to perform duties at home, looking after a child and long working hours at salon was making it difficult to manage . I took up teaching once again to cope up with household duties and taking care of my child. The evening during the wedding season were still spent in the salon since giving up one’s passion is not that easy.

After some time, I conceived for the second time. I was blessed with another daughter.

The biggest dilemma of life: To quit or not to quit!

I had to take the decision to quit my career. Motherhood became my priority, I gave up my profession to take care of my two daughters.

A New Beginning

I felt very low while sitting at home and performing household duties. The feeling of being not worthy any more started delving in me. Leaving one’s dream profession that too at the peak of it is not so easy. At one point in time, I was in a glamorous profession and another point in time I was at home doing ‘nothing’. The negative feelings were too strong and began to affect me. To deal with those negative feelings, I took up writing. What started as a medium to vent out my feelings soon gave me a fresh lease of life. I started blogging about my own personal experiences at MyCity4Kids and the reader’s response was commendable. My writing started generating good response and comments from my readers.

I have my own blog site

I have a new identity now and can see myself as a blogger.

My children are the centre of my universe. Even though, I had to give up my dreams, my successful career, and my salon which was extremely close to my heart had to be shut down forever, I still look forward in life. Giving up one’s career due to family duties is difficult but it is not the end of life. With social media gaining a stronger identity, new careers and new openings are coming up.

The dusk of three years is finally giving way to a new dawn in my life. Blogging is making me strong, independent and I have an identity of my own. Sharing my experiences of motherhood, stories from the life of others helps me connect with people and grow as a person.

I have learned that a dead end at the end of a road does not end the road there. Take a U turn and you will see that there are new ways and new openings. Be ready to embrace life and life will come to embrace you with new openings.”







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  1. Lovely post vidhi. Not giving up and keep on learning gaining new experiences is what make up an all rounder. Coming to writing then I have lot to say. Writing has always been an outlet for me whenever I felt low. Today with my website, I see myself growing every day.

  2. I loved reading and knowing you more by this post. Thanks for this lovely post and you know I do feel the same learning is never ending process and one must learn each moment. 🙂

  3. That’s really great that your article is published in some women based magazine. I can imagine that It feel so great and honoured. I am already a fan of your writing skills. Your story is a big piece of inspiration for many. Keep writing like this always.

  4. I love reading such posts where the positivity in the person comes out to the real world. I am so glad I got to know you more via this blog. and yes, writing indeed is a great outlet to our real feelings, emotions, views and our inner self.

  5. This is very sensitive topic for me as well. I was working as a fashion designer. I have worked closely for Lakme Fashion week and did lot of freelance work and after baby I wanted to look after my baby as my 1st priority but staying away from my dreams was very hard for me. I tried to balance it hard but I failed at multitasking and now I am a dedicated SAHM. After reading about you, I understood that there are many women who are sailing in the same boat and finding ways to live and make their whole world happy! Hatsoff to you mommy❤ So, happy to know you!

  6. Such an inspiring story…I really felt that as yours story is mine..heartly thankful to you Vidhi for showing a ray of hope..I recently joined WordPress to pour out my heart… thanks for sharing your story❤❤???

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