The Far End of The Ocean

The Far End of The Ocean

I am like a Phoenix, I burn myself down,

Only to re-emerge from my own ashes,
I create my own destiny, I create my own universe,
Thy world does not belong to me,
For, perhaps , I do not belong to thee,

Peace, solemnity and solace are words
Which I identify myself with,
The unspoken, in the spoken world,
A stranger in thy universe,
It’s a cage, I want to flee,

Someday, we will meet, in the far end of the ocean,
Where the heat melts and the horizons cheat,
Till then I will wait for thee,
For thy universe needs thee more,
With demands which are unending,

I see thee ever giving up, for that might be your destiny,
My world is always blissful and soothing like a remedy,
It’s a place which gives solace,
To the parched soul and the barren liaison,

I’ll wait for you till eternity or the day I shall die,
For I see thee remain unaffected by the pain residing in me,
The different worlds that we belong to,
The difference shall forever be,
The far end of the ocean I see as the only place for me and thee.

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