The Importance Of Learning Music During Childhood

The Importance Of Learning Music During Childhood

As parents, we lay a lot of stress on academics and physical development of our children. Our prime concern becomes the academic grades of our children. Very little do we pay attention on learning music or any musical instrument during childhood. It is only when, our children show some interest or insist us for musical training, only then we go and enroll them for classes. But music has a lot to do with the development of brain functions during childhood.

We have seen how our kids even in infancy gets soothed and respond positively when we sing lullabies or rhymes to them. During toddler years, they learn academic concepts like alphabets and numbers faster when sung in the form of rhymes. They enjoy tapping their feet and clapping their hands on the beats of songs and rhymes.

In spite of that, we often tend to ignore or include music in their development as they grow older. Learning music or any musical instrument helps in forming new brain connections during childhood. It helps in their overall development in a number of ways.

Benefits of music for the little ones:-

1. During childhood, singing and listening to music enhances language and communication skills and increases a child’s vocabulary.

2. Learning to create music, strengthens a child’s cognitive and memory skills.

3. Singing songs, learning to perform in groups, following directions, helps in the development of listening skills.

4. Learning to play an instrument helps in increasing eye hand coordination along with gross and fine motor skills.

5. It stimulates creativity, expression and imagination.

As parents, we must provide an active experience to children in learning music. If we participate actively in our child’s learning, they will enjoy more and exhibit greater skills in their journey of learning music. This way music will contribute not only in their growth and development but also help in spending family time together and having fun.

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