The Powerful Role of the Grandparents

The Powerful Role of the Grandparents



The other day, I took my kids to their grandparent’s house.  They were happy to see their grandchildren. My kids insisted their grandfather to take them to the park to which he agreed instantly. My mother went in the kitchen to make their favourite onion fritters.


After some time, she brought hot and crispy onion fritters along with ginger tea. We started chatting and enjoying our snacks. I noticed that the fritters had a different taste. They were lighter, less oily and crispier. I asked her the reason behind it. She told me that she had started using Sunny Lite Oil. It has the power of 5. It has vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, antioxidants and Omega 6. She praised it a lot, saying that food cooked in it is very light and easy to digest.


My children came back and couldn’t resist themselves from eating the fritters. I asked them to wash their hands before eating. They protested and turned to their grandparents for support. My mother scolded me pretentiously and very gently took the kids to wash their hands. They were very happy to see me getting scolded by my mother. They felt comforted and secured with the powerful presence of their grandparents. They were soothed by getting their support and being listened patiently by them.


I could hear my mother explaining to them that they should listen and obey to their mother first. When their mother scolds them, it is for their benefit and betterment. She will not scold their mother on their behalf again. They understood and apologised for their behaviour. I admired the way she tackled the situation and was able to calm down the kids at the same time making them do what I wanted them to do.


Despite the generation gap between them, grandparents are able to form a friendship with their grandchildren. They look after the small day to day problems of their grandchildren. The relationship of grandparents and grandchildren is full of love, pampering and fun. They also try to fill in the gap between parents and children, making them understand each other with their own experiences.


Parents become grandparents when their children become parents. They love and enjoy the company of our kids, who in turn reciprocate the same feelings. Children enjoy the pampering and attention that they get from them. Grandparents are always less concerned by the major issues of the children being assured that they will be tackled best by the parents. When kids get scolded by their parents they look upto their grandparents, at that moment when they are provided with a sort of emotional cushion, they feel secured.


Nowadays, with a growing trend of nuclear families, children are greatly missing out on this beautiful relationship with their grandparents. Grandparents also feel lonely; it is very important to give them some time to spend with each other. The powerful presence of grandparents makes the children emotionally stronger. They get to learn great values, respect, obedience and become more responsible.



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