The Revenge

The Revenge

The phone rang, Meera got up from her yoga mat and picked up the receiver.

“Hello! Yes?”

“Meera, Ashish is dead. His dead body has been found in his burnt car.”

“How else do you think he should have died, Reema? How else should I have given him the punishment for what he had done to me. Ten years! Night after night, he had forced himself upon me.

The excruciating pain would make it difficult for me to attend the school the next day. I was 16 when he took me to a gynaecologist for an abortion. He told the doctor that I had slept with my class mate.

He had threatened to do the same to you had I opened my mouth. He would punch and beat me even more if I tried to scream. A small puncture in the CNG tank was all I did”.

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