The Wedding Vows

The Wedding Vows

The wedding ceremonies of Avinash and Avantika were taking place. Past midnight, everyone assembled at the pavilion for the saatphere (the wedding vows). Their friends and relatives were cracking jokes, their parents tired but happy since everything was going well. The seventh phera was about to start when suddenly Avinash’s father got a stroke and fainted.

“Dad!” Avinash and his sisters cried together. The garland and turban flew in the air as he ran to help his father. They immediately took his father in a car and rushed to the hospital.

The shock made Avantika’s mother faint. Avinash’s father was critical. His sisters declared that they would not bring the bride home without their father.

At the pavilion, Avantika refused to move from her place by saying, she will not leave the place without Avinash…

The Terrible Twos

This post is written for Day 4 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words June 2018.

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0 thoughts on “The Wedding Vows

    1. It’s a real incident that I witnessed, a wedding that I attended. The vows were completed after the groom’s father’s condition stabled. Not all wedding ceremonies take place smoothly.

    1. It’s a real incident. He returned after his father’s condition became stable. They completed the vows. Her parents remained tensed throughout but it was Avantika who refused to bulge and sat determined.

    1. We attend so many wedding ceremonies which go smoothly and like a fairy tale but not all the wedding are like that. I was amazed by the determination and self respect of the bride.

  1. I can’t even imagine if anything like this happens in reality what will be the whole picture would be? In all the fun and happy atmosphere of anything tragic happens how will the bride and her parents would react. As I have read people sometimes cancel the wedding saying it’s bad luck. Do you agree?

    1. For me it was not important what happened next but what happened at that moment and the decision of the bride and the way she stood true to her vows was important and worthy of applause

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