This Couple Defied the Norms of The Society to “Live In” Together

I recently came across this article which shared the story of an old couple who lived together for 50 years and got married recently. This old couple in MP were very much in love but could not gain the approval for marriage by their families. They defied their families and lived together for 50 years.
80 years old Sukhe Kushwasha and 75 years old Hariya lived together for 50 years when they were not allowed to marry each other by their respective families. They moved in together and continued to live happily. They have 4 children and a gaggle of grandchildren. It was only after the thought for salvation started sinking in their old age, the couple decided to get married. Appreciating their thoughts and feelings, their elder son, took the advice of the priest and the elders from their village and arranged for their wedding. The entire family and friends participated in the event happily.
The story struck me because “live in” relationships have not gained so much approval in our country so far. Though they are slowly gaining ground. But majorly, marriages are considered as essential for a man and woman to stay together.
On the one hand, couples are forced to marry each other even when they don’t want to and the result is years of sufferings and pain. Relationships fail and break, leaving behind years of agony. On the other hand, there are couple like Sukhe and Hariya, who wanted to marry each other but were denied by their families. They started living in together and continued happily for 50 years.
The question I want to raise is that should marriage be a forced institution? Why can’t the decision be left on the couple to decide? Why can’t couples be left with this decision on their own whether they do want to marry or not?
The other aspect of this story is the ‘live in’ relationship. “Live in” are still to gain equal amount of respect and acceptance as marriage. This couple sets an example for ‘live in’ relationships by making it as equally a strong and long-term relationship as marriages.
This story certainly makes one point clear that married or not some relationships are made in heaven.

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