This Teacher Did What No one Else Can Do For Her Student

This Teacher Did What No one Else Can Do For Her Student

We normally expect a teacher to teach the subject she masters to her students, guide and groom them in whatever best possible ways. The teacher who loves her students dearly and cares for them in the school environment is often seen as doing much more for her students. Recently, I came across an article about a teacher not only went out of her way for her student but did what nobody else can do.

Nancy Bleuer, a loving and caring 54 years old kindergarten teacher from Iowa, goes out of her way to make her students happy. One day, she noticed something unusual with one of her students called Camden. She had a little chat with him and found out that his father was suffering from some kidney problems which made them function on 20% of their capacities. The sick look of his father during the dialysis treatment made Camden terrified.

What kind of help do you think a teacher would offer under these circumstances?

Well, Nancy offered one of her own kidneys!

Miraculously, it happened to be a perfect match. By giving her kidney to Camden’s dad, she saved his life giving him another chance to live.

How many of us would really do what Nancy did if we are faced with similar circumstances?


In a world where we come across news of murders, rapes, terrorists attacks, crimes and killings of every kind, I cannot express what I felt after reading this article. For a minute I dismissed it by telling myself that it can’t be true. But, no it isn’t. There are people who really are humans, rather more than humans. People like Nancy are setting examples of words like hope, love and kindness and tell us that these are not just words. They actually mean something.

For humanity to exist in today’s world, we really need to spread the story of Nancy and thank her from the bottom of our hearts for what she has done really means a lot. With her angelic act, she has set an example for millions to follow.


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