Top Ten Tips to Decorate Mommies’ Holidays Home Work

Top Ten Tips to Decorate Mommies’ Holidays Home Work

As the summer vacations are about to be over, all the mothers out there must be busy in compiling up their children’s project files. Well, mine is ready too. It seems the holidays home work are not for our children but for us. Our tiny little hands seems to be too little to do their vast homework. So, there, all the emotional and helping moms gear up to take the charge. Here are a few tips to decorate their ( or should I say ‘our’) project files:-

1. Quilling-

A beautiful art done with the help of paper strips and quilling needle. One can make any number of designs and use it anywhere. A beautiful cover page, bordering, frames, etc. , use it anywhere and the project is sure to stand out.



2. Glass painting-

Use the glass paints and make a small painting on an OHP sheet and a beautiful sheet is ready. It can be used either as a cover page or somewhere in between the pages to beautify the project file.



3. Sand painting-

Sand painting can be done by our little hands too. Since they enjoy being messy, let them do so while doing sand craft as it will help to enhance their creativity.



4. Paper cutouts-

Paper cutouts of flowers, patterns, leaves, animals etc by using handmade paper is a sure eye catcher. They look absolutely fantastic when blended with small stones or glass decorative pieces.



5. Origami-

Origami is another beautiful craft form that can be enjoyed with our little ones. Not only they will enjoy but learn a lot with this craft form. A small origami object when pasted in between the sheets looks elegant.



6. Ice cream stick and match stick activity-

Ice cream sticks and matchsticks activity done by our little ones during their art and craft classes or at home can also be used to decorate the projects too, highlight them using colourful stones and your job is done.


7. Paintings-

Paintings can be done in innumerable ways. A little handprint, leaf paintings, bottle impressions, vegetable paintings and so on. The list is almost never ending and their beauty is heart winning too. If you find some sheet in the project file looking dull, just make use of this wonderful art and the dull sheet will brighten up in no time.



8. Dried leaf activity-

A little challenge to your brains and the dried leaves will turn into a masterpiece. Use it for your cover page and your project file becomes extremely impressive.



9. Other craft objects-

Sometime during the holidays when your little ones had brought some beautiful craft object can be used too. An old CD turned into some animal, paper bag activity, mask making activity etc can be used to decorate the file.



10. Borders-

Last but not the least, the borders are a must . Don’t leave the borders blank or else all your hard work looks dull. Do highlight the borders using paper cutouts, handmade papers, bordering tapes, stickers, paper punches etc. It will enhance the beauty of the project file unlike any other thing.



Hope you find my ideas in helping your children decorate their project files and files. Do share with me your ideas too.

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