Unleash Your Child’s Imagination and Get Ready for a Surprise

Unleash Your Child’s Imagination and Get Ready for a Surprise

This Mother’s Day was very memorable for me. My daughter wanted to make something special for me. She wanted to keep it as a secret for me. For every art and craft activity, usually it’s me who helps her out. On Mother’s Day, she was planning a surprise for me. She decided to take the help from her father. 

“Papa, I want to give a surprise to mom for Mother’s Day.” My daughter told him.

“Sure darling. What are you planning?” asked my husband.

“Papa, I want to make a Mother’s Day card for her. Can you help me?” she replied. “Papa, I don’t know how to make it. Mom, always helps me in Arts and Craft, but I don’t want to take her help. I want to keep it as a secret from her. Please, Papa, help me in making a card for her.” She added.

My husband surfed the net and showed a few templates to her on his phone. She tried to draw by looking at it but found it difficult. The result was also not upto her satisfaction. My husband then took a printout of that template for her and gave it to her. Our HP IA 3700 series printer is so handy and sleek, we can take out printouts even from our phones. She was happy to get the template. She coloured and decorated it herself.

She brought the card and gave it to me. It was the most beautiful card. I could not even believe that she made the card herself without taking any help from me. Her choice of colours and ideas of decoration were so beautiful that I got the card framed and placed it in our drawing room.

Children these days are extremely talented and intelligent. They just need a little assistance from our side to bring out their talents to their full potential. Earlier, we always needed to go to the markets to buy cards and taking out printouts for our homework projects but these days having a printer at home is a blessing. With so much work and projects to be done, going to the markets for printouts is sheer waste of time. Having an all in one printer for wireless printings is a must these days for fulfilling the educational and creative needs of our children. A little backing up with technology, makes a lot easier for kids to make their projects on their own and to put their imagination on paper.

Children are full of ideas and imagination. They face difficulty in putting it down on paper coherently. A little technological assistance helps them come up with amazing results. With the summer vacations on, kids need to be kept busy at home in a constructive manner, so that they watch less TV. Providing them with templates for art and craft activities, colouring pages and worksheets for various subjects can keep them engaged for hours. So, this summer vacations, let your child unleash their imaginations and come up with surprises for you.

Watch this little video and see how your little ones can bring surprises for you.

This blog was first published as a sponsored story for HP IA 3700 Series on www.mycity4kids.com

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