Where Rainbow Meets the Sky

Where Rainbow Meets the Sky

My second book, “Where Rainbow Meets the Sky” is an e-book. It is a sweet romance novella about the story of Rahul and Mehak. Rahul, is a rich and handsome boy from Delhi, who meets Mehak in Manali. He works as a model. Mehak has a huge crush on Rahul after seeing him on a few ad covers. Mehak and Rahul fall in love with each other and make the promise of meeting again. After coming back to Delhi, Rahul makes several attempts to meet Mehak. However, he does not get a chance to meet her. An accidental meeting after twenty years reveals how Mehak is a single like Rahul. She still has the dream catcher given to her by Rahul. Will Rahul and Mehak unite with each other? Will they get married?

Having been a book lover all my life, writing a book was always in my mind. After publishing my first book, “In the Maze of Life”, I wanted to write a book in contemporary fiction which is my favourite genre. I discussed the idea of the story that I had in my mind with my family. Once they liked the idea as much as I did, I thought of writing the book.

I began my author journey with my first story, A Distant Dream, which is a part of a bilingual anthology on Children’s Fiction called Gubbare. My first book “In the Maze of Life” is a bilingual collection of short stories.

“Where Rainbow Meets the Sky” is available for free download for a limited period of time. Download it for free from here.

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