Why Akshardham is a Must Visit Place for Kids

Why Akshardham is a Must Visit Place for Kids


The term end break began and the first thought that came across my mind was to take the kids for some fun and learn outings in Delhi. We decided to take them to Akshardham where they can have an entire day of learning about our culture along with great entertainment too.


The sculptural beauty of the place is a treat for the eyes. The lush green open gardens, water bodies and step well styled courtyard is all soothing to mind and brings peace to the soul. The exhibitions related to Bhagwan Swami Narayan’s journey made the children really excited. They got to learn about Hinduism, Vedic Era, Bhagwan Swami Narayan’s teachings such as the importance of prayer, compassion and non-violence.

The show was divided in three parts- Sahajanand Darshan, Neelkanth Darshan and Sanskruti Darshan. The first one, Sahajanand Darshan is a robotics show. The Hall of Values, features life like robots displaying incidents from Swami Narayan’s life. The value of nonviolence is taught by a story depiction of Ghanshyam bringing the fish back to life. There was a spiritual discourse of Bhagwan Swami Narayan which appeared so realistic that children couldn’t believe they were robots. The effects were so mesmerizing, it simply took us to that era.

The timeless messages of Hinduism are presented so beautifully that even the kids enjoyed them. It was amazing to see them learning about our culture in such a joyous manner.

The next show is the Neelkanth Darshan, a movie of Swami Neelkanth’s Yatra, tracing his journey on an epic trek across the Indian subcontinent. The movie is shown on a giant screen of 85 feet wide and 65 feet tall. The audience become completely enthralled with little Neelkanth on his 12,000 km travel by foot and were surprised to see how he undertook so much hardships to spread the wisdom of the eternal soul.

The best part is the cultural boat ride in Sanskriti Darshan. It’s a memorable experience to ride a boat and sail through thousands of years of Ancient Indian History. Children were amazed to see and experience the lifestyle of the Vedic Era. The University of Takshshila, the depiction of the eye surgery, the busy vedic marketplace are simply unforgettable. Children learn a lot about India’s first contributors to the world, King Ashok, Meerabai, a beautiful representation of the Bharatnatyam, kings playing a large sized chess are just a few of the extraordinary exhibits. This twelve-minute journey is not only entertaining but also very informative for the kids.

After that the visitors are guided to the Abhishek Mandappam. It is the ritual bathing of Bhagwan Swami Narayan for the fulfilment of one’s wishes. The beauty of the Mandappam is beyond verbal expression. The pillars are majestically designed in white and gold. Each one carries a beautiful portrayal of Swami Narayan’s life journey. Amidst the lavish interiors stands tall is Swami Narayan’s golden statue to which the worshipers can offer water. The Abhishek is extremely organized and open to all the visitors. The Vedic Mantras and prayers are chanted while the visitors perform the ritual.

The entire experience at Akshardham is extremely memorable. It is very entertaining, informative, cultural and historical learning as well as joyful for the kids. The place offers facilities of cafeteria and washrooms at various places. The impeccable cleanliness and discipline is eye catching. It’s a very good and well organized outdoor experience for kids.




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