I think all of you here, must agree with me when I say that Maths is not everybody’s cup of tea. As kids, many of us would have found Maths as a ‘boring’ subject. The number would often get jumbled up in our minds. And when it comes to solving word problems, very few hands would be raised in class.

For this very reason, we now have many mental maths classes coming up. As parents today, enrolling our kids in some maths class comes on top of our list. Hiring a tutor for maths has become almost necessary today because we feel that it is a difficult subject. It might be for the simple reason that we as kids never liked maths as a subject and as parents now we find it a little difficult to teach this subject to our children.

But why does this happen? Why do children begin to develop a hatred and at times even a fear for this subject? What are the reasons for it?

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  1. Mathematics is abstract

Children cannot see mathematics when it comes to solving mathematical problems. Children need to visualise something clearly before liking it.

  1. Teaching Methodology

The conventional system of teaching this maths lacks innovation. Students find it boring and their interest level begins to go down.

  1. Conversion of word problems into equations

Children find it difficult to convert word problems into equations. Without any kind of visualisation, children fail to understand the concepts thoroughly and often end up mugging them just like any other subject.

  1. Poor command over tables

Most of the time, children do not learn the tables properly. It makes it difficult for them to perform even the simplest calculations. As a result, they take a lot of time in solving mathematical problems which makes a simple paper difficult for them.

  1. Lack of interest in trainers

A common mistake that we as parents make is to admit our own dislike for the subject in front of the kids. We often tell them that maths is a difficult subject, they cannot teach them maths as they themselves feared it and never scored well in the subject. Children immediately start thinking maths as a difficult subject.

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So, what can we as parents do to help our children. developing an interest in this subject. Here are some possible ways to do so:

  1. Parents should play board games with their children. Board game which are based on numbers help in creating an interest in numbers. Children begin to see numbers as fun.
  2. Children should play constructive games based on problem solving like puzzles instead of any destructive or war based games.Preschool-lego-resized
  3. Parents should play maths based games with their children to make them number friendly. When children see their parents as enjoying numbers, they start enjoying it too.
  4. Parents should never express their own fears or dislike of the subject in front of the kids.
  5. Parents should themselves try to identify the problem areas of the children in the subject rather than merely focusing on grades or homework.
  6. Parents should take an interest in their children’s studies rather than simply relying on coaching classes. They should try to sit with them during their study time and help them in solving problems.

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Mathematics is a subject that requires logical thinking. It cannot be learned by way of rote memory. If we try to adopt the right attitude towards it and try to adopt creative ways of teaching it, our children will never find it boring or scary.

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