Today’s, morning papers brought to my notice a very interesting article on “Why Teaching is the ‘only job’ for women” which almost took me down the memory lane. 

Some years back when I finished schooling and was deciding as to which career line I should opt for, I was advised by my elders that I should take up a subject in college which would help me become a teacher. I had no interest in that profession and not even the slightest inclination towards it. I took up the subject of my choice with plans of my own. But slowly and gradually I was convinced to pursue Teachers Training course as “Teaching is the best and only job” for girls.

Girls, be it then and now, have always been reminded or told every now and then that ultimately they have to take care of their house and children. Because of that teaching has always been seen as a profession most suitable for girls. It is the only profession which goes highly amongst the prospective groom’s family who are very happy if the would be daughter in law is a teacher.

Another, factor which makes it a favourite profession for girls is because it is the only profession where in the mother can take their children along with her to her work place, so no burden on any body.

Teaching also becomes a favourite profession by some family because of its timing. Teachers come back by afternoon and can take care of the household and perform all the chores. Therefore, a “double bonanza”. Along with the household duties they can teach their children also which further saves the money spent on tuitions.

Also, it is considered that it makes it easier for the girls to find a suitable boy because the prospective in laws would happily accept a girl who is a teacher for the simple reason that it allows girls to perform household chores as well.

A girl who is working as a teacher is always preferred over a girl who is working in a corporate sector by the prospective groom’s family. And for some reasons girls who take up teaching profession are considered as more ‘homely’.

The icing on the cake would be if the girl is a teacher in a government school because then she will be getting a pension upon retirement and therefore no liability on the groom.

Aren’t all these notions creating more and more gender biases? Aren’t these thoughts somewhere killing the dreams and aspirations of the girls? The featuring article itself talks about the story of a principal who aspired to be a doctor. Not all the girls would like to be a teacher. Girls are multi talented and much more capable but just because they have to get married one day and bear children, they should take up this profession if at all they want to work after marriage.

Isn’t it better to tell them simply that they should not dream of becoming something because their ultimate destiny is to take care of children rather then educating them and slowly convincing them to be a teacher rather than becoming something else? A lot has been changed over the years but even today as the article itself says, “teaching is considered as the only job for women”.

Teaching is certainly a good profession but girls should be given more choices and not only convinced to take it up just because they have to get married and bear children one day. They can do much more than that.