We lay a lot of stress on health, diet and education of our children. As a parent, we have innumerable concerns for our kids. As they get older, many other aspects of their developmental areas start taking priorities in our daily routines. But one thing which sounds simple and often takes a back seat is the power of our loving touch. 

The need to be touched, caressed and cuddled is as basic as our need for food. Several studies have shown that more nurturing the mother, the more intelligent, confident and secure the offspring becomes. Touch has enormous powers over a child’s healthy development.

These days Kangaroo baby care is a very common term. It is especially done for the premature babies. Babies are held upright against the caretaker’s chest. The stable body temperature of the caretaker helps the baby to keep warm. The skin to skin contact helps in the growth of the baby.

For infants too, it is important to be held especially when he is crying. Babies get soothed, comforted and feel secure when held closely in arms. They smile when they are cuddled and bond well with the caretaker. Baby wearing is also a very common practice these days. People prefer to carry their babies in a baby sling since it helps the baby feel secure and strengthens the bond with their parents.

For older children too, touch has enormous benefits on their development. A growing child is also struggling to learn various things. The child is at a stage where he is faced with many new things and is exposed to different environments. At this stage he is learning to comprehend new words but more than words one thing that he can easily comprehend is the power of touch.

Positive loving touch can be provided in many ways to an older child. These include:-

1. A gentle hug

2. A pat on the back

3. A loving stroke on the cheeks

4. Holding hands while walking

5. Giving a high five

6. Cuddle at bed time

7. Playful tickling

There can be many ways in which we can show physical affection to our child. These gentle touches goes a long way in order to connect and bond with our children for a long term. It helps the child in feeling reassured, loved and cared for. Even in the middle of an argument extend yourself and hug the child, it will help in calming and soothing himself. Loving touches go a long way in building self esteems and brain development. They help in building stronger emotional selves. So, go on and give your child a big bear hug.