Let’s admit, we are all caught up in the world of technology. We live, eat, breathe and think with our smartphones literally. These smartphones have created a bubble around us. We are caught up in those bubbles so badly, that we have been completely absorbed in them. It’s not just the children who are addicted to screens. Parents are more often spending all their precious time swiping the screens of their smartphones. To ‘connect’ more with our friends staying far of, we have disconnected with our family members staying ‘with us’.

These days, parents are so soaked up in the digital world, that they are often not present even when they are with their children. Children who always crave for the attention and affection of their parents often feel neglected when they see their parents using smartphones. Parents who are talking on the phone while they are with their children are not actually present with them. Parents who are talking on the phone while having dinner or while the child is playing next to them are not there with the children.


Here are five reasons why we should put those smart phones away and break the bubble of technology:

  1. Children need our attention to build their self- esteem. Paying attention to their smallest efforts means they will push themselves to the next level.
  2. Our positive attention helps them become emotionally stronger. When we put our phones down to talk to them about what they are doing, they feel more secure and confident.
  3. Our eye contact, little gestures, expression and verbal conversation helps a lot in the development of little children. Children learn more from their conversation with their parents. They feel more secure with the warmth and care of their parents rather than watching videos on the screens.
  4. Language development increases with one to one conversation. Our conversation with our kids stimulates their curiosity and increases their brain power. They learn new words and build their vocabulary when they converse with their parents.
  5. Our priority is our children and not our smartphones. Today, if we do not listen to our children, tomorrow they will not be with us when we would like to hear from them. Relationships build over a period. Our relationship with our kids will build only when we are present with them and paying attention to them physically and mentally.

So, for the sake of our children and their bright future, let’s break the bubble of technology and put those gadgets away.