Five Reasons to Put Those Phones Away When with Your Child


Let’s admit, we are all caught up in the world of technology. We live, eat, breathe and think with our smartphones literally. These smartphones have created a bubble around us. We are caught up in those bubbles so badly, that we have been completely absorbed in them. It’s not just the children who are addicted to screens. Parents are more often spending all their precious time swiping the screens of their smartphones. To ‘connect’ more with our friends staying far of, we have disconnected with our family members staying ‘with us’.

These days, parents are so soaked up in the digital world, that they are often not present even when they are with their children. Children who always crave for the attention and affection of their parents often feel neglected when they see their parents using smartphones. Parents who are talking on the phone while they are with their children are not actually present with them. Parents who are talking on the phone while having dinner or while the child is playing next to them are not there with the children.


Here are five reasons why we should put those smart phones away and break the bubble of technology:

  1. Children need our attention to build their self- esteem. Paying attention to their smallest efforts means they will push themselves to the next level.
  2. Our positive attention helps them become emotionally stronger. When we put our phones down to talk to them about what they are doing, they feel more secure and confident.
  3. Our eye contact, little gestures, expression and verbal conversation helps a lot in the development of little children. Children learn more from their conversation with their parents. They feel more secure with the warmth and care of their parents rather than watching videos on the screens.
  4. Language development increases with one to one conversation. Our conversation with our kids stimulates their curiosity and increases their brain power. They learn new words and build their vocabulary when they converse with their parents.
  5. Our priority is our children and not our smartphones. Today, if we do not listen to our children, tomorrow they will not be with us when we would like to hear from them. Relationships build over a period. Our relationship with our kids will build only when we are present with them and paying attention to them physically and mentally.

So, for the sake of our children and their bright future, let’s break the bubble of technology and put those gadgets away.





Mother India and Dangal: Role Models For Every Parent

We all have seen the Indian classic movie, Mother India. Radha, the female protagonist goes through many hardships to bring her two sons on her own. But later, when her son, Birju, tries to kidnap Sukhilal’s daughter on the day of her wedding, Radha herself shoots him. A mother who sacrifices so much for her sons was the first one to punish him, when he disrespects a girl. Motherhood did not come in the way of justice. Loving her child is one thing but justice is another thing. We get blinded by our love for our kids and overlook their mistakes and ill treatment towards others.  

In our Indian society, son’s are often treated as Gods. They are forgiven for every small or bigger mistakes that they do. We have often read how teenagers involved in hit and run cases are left without any punishment as their parents go to any extent to save them. They get blinded in their love for their children and forget justice.

Boys and young men who mistreats their female counterparts are very often justified by saying, “ ladke to masti karte hi hain , ladkiyon ko sambhal kar rehna chahiye.”( boys like to have fun, girls should be careful). This attitude encourages the boys to go to any extent and do whatever they feel like with girls. When they see their parents supporting them and coming out to save them from legal punishments, they become bold to commit bigger crimes.

If the mothers of boys punish them for their ill treatments towards girls, they will learn not to go further next time. If mothers become as strong as Radha,in Mother India, no boy will dare to trouble any girl. The recent Bengaluru incident shows that men are becoming fearless, they know that nothing will be done to them even if they take the liberty to do anything with women anywhere.

This fearless attitude and excessive freedom comes from their homes where they are treated as superior and let go for any of their mistakes. This incident is big slap on our society. How we are bringing up our boys? What are we teaching them? How can they dare to go to such an extent? They are not afraid of their parents. They are not afraid of police. They do not have any values.

On the other hand, the movie Dangal, shows a father who goes against the society to make his girls wrestlers. He is extremely strict with his girls and despite their resentment , he makes them strong and at par with the boys. He strongly believes that girls are no less than the boys. Every father must make his girl strong and bold enough to face the challenges of life. Girls are often taught to be submissive and are made to believe that they are not as strong as boys. This makes them helpless in situations like Bengaluru New Year incident.

I appreciate Mr Akshay Kumar when he says that girls do not need to think of themselves as weak. With a few martial arts techniques they can easily defend themselves and teach the boys a lesson who come to touch them without their consent. He is extremely right to say that once our girls decide to fight back, no boy will ever dare to even look at them.

If fathers become like Mahavir Phogat and Akshay Kumar and make their girls strong enough to defend themselves, no boy will be able to even think of coming near them.

The two protagonists, Radha and Mahavir Phogat, set a very good example for all the parents in a way that in the present scenario where we see boys disrespecting girls and especially the Bengaluru New Year incident , it is very important to punish our boys severely when they do something wrong and make our girls so strong that they can easily defend themselves and beat the molesters easily .

Mother Sparsh Lal Tail Review

Massaging a new born is a very special time to bond with a new born baby. Baby massage helps a mother and a baby to understand each other. Massaging benefits a baby in several ways. It helps the baby connect with his mother by way of touch. The baby feels pampered and smiles all the way which is a very special moment. Massaging if fun and relaxing both for the mother and the baby.  It helps the baby to sleep for a longer time. It is a way of expressing love for the babies.

Ayurvedic Lal tail has always been known to promote the natural growth of the baby. Mother Sparsh brings to us a Lal Tail which is enriched with the goodness of Ayurvedic Herbs. It helps strengthen the bones and muscles. It contains sesame oil which helps improve blood circulation in the body. It is very nourishing and helps in the natural body growth. It is 100% ayurvedic and parabens free.

Recently, my daughter met an accident and got her foot fractured. After her plaster was removed, she started going for her sports classes and school. At night, she would complain of pain her foot. I started massaging her foot gently with Mother Sparsh Lal Tail at night. In a few days, her pain was gone. The scar left by the accident on the foot also started fading. She started regaining her muscular strength in her fractured foot. The oil helped her sleep comfortably at night. The warmth of the oil is very relaxing and soothing.

The oil spreads easily which leads to a good massage. It gets quickly absorbed by the skin and makes it soft and supple. After experiencing myself and noticing its benefits, I would strongly recommend it to others.


This Couple Defied the Norms of The Society to “Live In” Together

I recently came across this article which shared the story of an old couple who lived together for 50 years and got married recently. This old couple in MP were very much in love but could not gain the approval for marriage by their families. They defied their families and lived together for 50 years.
80 years old Sukhe Kushwasha and 75 years old Hariya lived together for 50 years when they were not allowed to marry each other by their respective families. They moved in together and continued to live happily. They have 4 children and a gaggle of grandchildren. It was only after the thought for salvation started sinking in their old age, the couple decided to get married. Appreciating their thoughts and feelings, their elder son, took the advice of the priest and the elders from their village and arranged for their wedding. The entire family and friends participated in the event happily.
The story struck me because “live in” relationships have not gained so much approval in our country so far. Though they are slowly gaining ground. But majorly, marriages are considered as essential for a man and woman to stay together.
On the one hand, couples are forced to marry each other even when they don’t want to and the result is years of sufferings and pain. Relationships fail and break, leaving behind years of agony. On the other hand, there are couple like Sukhe and Hariya, who wanted to marry each other but were denied by their families. They started living in together and continued happily for 50 years.
The question I want to raise is that should marriage be a forced institution? Why can’t the decision be left on the couple to decide? Why can’t couples be left with this decision on their own whether they do want to marry or not?
The other aspect of this story is the ‘live in’ relationship. “Live in” are still to gain equal amount of respect and acceptance as marriage. This couple sets an example for ‘live in’ relationships by making it as equally a strong and long-term relationship as marriages.
This story certainly makes one point clear that married or not some relationships are made in heaven.

Touch and Physical Affection is important for our children too

We lay a lot of stress on health, diet and education of our children. As a parent, we have innumerable concerns for our kids. As they get older, many other aspects of their developmental areas start taking priorities in our daily routines. But one thing which sounds simple and often takes a back seat is the power of our loving touch. 

The need to be touched, caressed and cuddled is as basic as our need for food. Several studies have shown that more nurturing the mother, the more intelligent, confident and secure the offspring becomes. Touch has enormous powers over a child’s healthy development.

These days Kangaroo baby care is a very common term. It is especially done for the premature babies. Babies are held upright against the caretaker’s chest. The stable body temperature of the caretaker helps the baby to keep warm. The skin to skin contact helps in the growth of the baby.

For infants too, it is important to be held especially when he is crying. Babies get soothed, comforted and feel secure when held closely in arms. They smile when they are cuddled and bond well with the caretaker. Baby wearing is also a very common practice these days. People prefer to carry their babies in a baby sling since it helps the baby feel secure and strengthens the bond with their parents.

For older children too, touch has enormous benefits on their development. A growing child is also struggling to learn various things. The child is at a stage where he is faced with many new things and is exposed to different environments. At this stage he is learning to comprehend new words but more than words one thing that he can easily comprehend is the power of touch.

Positive loving touch can be provided in many ways to an older child. These include:-

1. A gentle hug

2. A pat on the back

3. A loving stroke on the cheeks

4. Holding hands while walking

5. Giving a high five

6. Cuddle at bed time

7. Playful tickling

There can be many ways in which we can show physical affection to our child. These gentle touches goes a long way in order to connect and bond with our children for a long term. It helps the child in feeling reassured, loved and cared for. Even in the middle of an argument extend yourself and hug the child, it will help in calming and soothing himself. Loving touches go a long way in building self esteems and brain development. They help in building stronger emotional selves. So, go on and give your child a big bear hug.