An Indian Mom blogger, I write about parenting, love, relationships, teaching the little ones, education, activities and all the topics that are essentially a part of motherhood.

A stay at home mom and a teacher by profession, I have worked as a make up artist and a hair stylist for several years. I love to write articles on parenting, poetry, DIY activities, worksheets for primary graders, social stories and more.

I have written blogs for several brands like Pampers, Johnsons and Johnsons, Sunny Lite Oil, Nestle, Surf Excel, Tupperware, Revital H Woman, and more.

My write ups  can be seen on momspresso, babydestination and babychakra. If you want me to write for you, drop me a mail at vidhiduggal06@yahoo.co.in.


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vidhi.duggal
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