#Bar-A-Thon 2018 Day 2 – Lesser of Two Evils

#Bar-A-Thon 2018 Day 2 – Lesser of Two Evils

Her family was planning her marriage. She resisted and opted for M.A. Statistics only to realise it was not meant for her.

“Dad, any marriage proposal for me?”

“Yes, but he is a divorce`.”

“It’s ok dad. It will work.”

Her semester was coming to an end.

“Dad, any other?”

“Yes, but the age difference!”

“It’s ok, dad.”

“He drinks too.”

“No worries, dad.”

She got engaged.

Her exams were approaching.

“They are asking for an early marriage.”

“It’s ok, dad.” She chose the lesser of two evils for that was the only way to skip her exams.

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This post is written as an entry for Day 2 of the Bar- A-Thon Edition 3. The prompt that I am using is the marathon of 100 word stories combined with the prompt for today which is ‘lesser of two evils’.


14 thoughts on “#Bar-A-Thon 2018 Day 2 – Lesser of Two Evils

  1. Bad choice here. She will definitely marry in haste and repent at leisure if she has any that is. But a good take on the prompt. Many girls prefer studying endlessly to getting married and getting on with life.

  2. Oh, my God, exams could do that to someone? It’s better to fail in the exam than put your entire life at risk. But I guess the fear must have been too much.

  3. Skipping the exams and opening up heart to parents about the wrong choice of subject would have been better choice than inviting life long tragedies.
    Interesting take on prompt.

  4. That’s some choice she made! Often we do fall into this trap of settling with something that appears to be slightly better just to avoid facing a difficult obstacle. I’m sure if we don’t settle for the easy way out and face the challenge with all might, the reward would be much sweeter and satisfying. Liked this different take on the prompt, Vidhi!

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